Dennis MacEoin’s Dishonest Teeth (G)Nash-er, “Muslims Against Antisemitism”

It is common knowledge to every schoolboy and even every Bachelor of Arts,
That all sin is divided into two parts.
One kind of sin is called a sin of commission, and that is very important,
And it is what you are doing when you are doing something you ortant
And the other kind of sin is just the opposite and is called a sin of omission

and is equally bad in the eyes of all right-thinking people, from
Billy Sunday to Buddha,
And it consists of not having done something you shuddha

Ogden Nash (d. 1971), from his “Portrait Of The Artist As A Prematurely Old Man

Dennis MacEoin’s latest Gatestone essay, “Muslims Against Antisemitism” egregiously commits both Nash-ian sins against the truth, devolving into yet more apologetic disinformation on a subject already routinely obfuscated, and whitewashed.

What follows is an incomplete enumeration limited to only four of MacEoin’s major truth-denying sins which typically conjoin commission and omission.

  • (I) MacEoin opens his essay with a passing mention of a mere two examples of Islam’s canonical, mainstream Islamic Jew-hatred (which he also fails to identify as such), citing one verse from the Koran (5:60; see a much fuller, relevant, & honest discussion here), and a solitary hadith (see a much fuller, relevant, & honest discussion here). He ignores:

—the large corpus of Koranic Jew-hatred (see here; here; summarized here) beyond 5:60, and any of its elaboration in the truly vast universe of Koranic commentaries (here; & briefly here), which explain and in many cases amplify the virulence of this Jew-hatred

—the large corpus of Jew-hatred in the hadith  (here; here) beyond one motif, which in conjunction with the Koran’s Jew-hatred, and overlapping and reinforcing themes of Jew-hatred from the sira, or earliest pious Muslim biographies of Muhammad (here; here)—omitted altogether—form the basis for the living doctrines, also omitted by MacEoin, of jihad war against the Jews, and the subservient, humiliating dhimmitude  imposed upon the survivors of jihad campaigns (see my July 30, 2019 full ZOA lecture for a relatively compendious video explanation of how these Islamic materials are woven together)

—MacEoin further ignores, i.e., does not provide a single example (notwithstanding ad nauseum examples, past & present) of how these ugly motifs have been preached & utilized by mainstream institutional Islam’s most authoritative religious teaching institutions & individuals—Sunni & Shiite alike—to foment Muslim Jew-hatred, including mass murderous pogroms, across a nearly 1400- year continuum (see this 15 min video clip & this 4-min video clip)

  • (II) MacEoin references the ADL data, but unlike any of my own detailed, intellectually honest explorations (here; including this brief video presentation) of these remarkable data, the thin gruel he dribbles out, fails even to explain what was indeed queried and scaled, while omitting all of the following data that demonstrated a remarkable, if depressing uniformity: there is a 2 to 4.5-fold excess of Muslim Jew-hatred, relative to any other major religious affiliation, or atheism/agnosticism, and this association with Islam persists amongst the Muslim diaspora populations in Western Europe, and the U.S. Specific findings, included:

—The world’s 16 most Antisemitic countries are all in the Muslim Middle East, where 75% to 93%  exhibit extreme Antisemitism—Judea-Samaria/Gaza 93%; Iraq 92%; Yemen 88%; Algeria 87%; Libya 87%; Tunisia 86%; Kuwait 82%; Bahrain 81%; Jordan 81%; Morocco 80%; Qatar 80%; United Arab Emirates 80%; Lebanon 78%; Oman 76%; Egypt 75%; Saudi Arabia 75%

—The prevalence of extreme Antisemitism in Western Europe—Belgium, 68% of Muslims vs. 21% of the general population; Spain, 62% of Muslims vs. 29% of the general population; Germany, 56% of Muslims vs. 16% of the general population; Italy, 56% of Muslims vs. 29% of the general population; United Kingdom, 54% of Muslims vs. 12% of the general population; France, 49% of Muslims vs. 17% of the general population

—The prevalence of extreme Antisemitism in the U.S., 34% of Muslims vs. 14% of the general population

—The prevalence of extreme Antisemitism, globally, by religious affiliation—Muslim, 49%; Christian, 24%; No religion, 21%; Hindu, 19%; Buddhist, 17%

  • (III) NONE of the so-called “Muslims Against Antisemitism” MacEoin invokes and lionizes have ever openly acknowledged Islam’s uniquely voluminous corpus of canonical Jew-hating motifs, nor condemned their ongoing inculcation by Islam’s most authoritative mainstream teach institutions, Sunni, or Shiite, and the individual heads of such institutions, such as Al-Azhar University’s last two Grand Imam’s, or Shiism most profound modern “theo-sopher” Allameh Tabatabai. Moreover, MacEoin fails to acknowledge two courageous Muslim conscientious objectors to Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Yasmine Muhammad, who do in fact enunciate with brutal honesty the true canonical Islamic roots and scope of Islamic Jew-hatred.
  • (IV) MacEoin fails to call for what Islam truly needs to (barely) begin to expunge its institutional, canonical Islamic Jew-hatred: wrenching, mea culpa-based Vatican II/Nostre Aetate paradigm reforms


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