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Impact of Covid-19 Vaccination and Prior Infection in Rhode Island on July-November, 2021”Delta Wave” Covid-19 Infections, Hospitalizations, and Deaths

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) bar chart, below, illustrates how SARS-CoV-2 “delta” became the predominant variant circulating in Rhode Island between July and November, 2021. See link to larger image of bar chart here: Delta wave RI image … Continue reading

[Updated] Over half (52.7%; 29/55) of Rhode Island’s November, 2021 COVID-19 deaths were among the fully vaccinated; Naturally acquired immunity reduced that risk by 20-fold (per 100,000)

Bottom line: There was 1/14th the rate of hospitalization and 1/20th the rate of death, comparing those with natural immunity to covid-19, regardless of vaccination status, to those fully vaccinated Hyperlink to e-mail from Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) … Continue reading

Pediatric polio in Rhode Island, reported by the Newport Daily News, December 16, 1953: 289 cases treated, 15 deaths reported, through October 31, 1953, a 5.2% fatality rate

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Comparing Pediatric Polio Vaccination to Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccination is Lysenkoist Absurdity

“Professor T.D. Lysenko, vice chairman of The Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, and holder of the Order of Lenin, is far ahead of any scientist in the field of genetics. He is, in fact, the only scientist who … Continue reading

The Thin Gruel of Randomized, Controlled Trial Evidence Supporting Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters (and Their Mandated Use)

Also published at The Brownstone Institute (as “The Paucity of Evidence for Mandated Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters”) Federal legal challenges have temporarily enjoined the Biden Administration’s sweeping large business, health care worker, and federal contractor covid-19  vaccine mandates. Notwithstanding these injunctions … Continue reading