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Mutazilite Fantasies: Dross in Islam’s “Golden Age of Reason”

(originally published as “Dross in Yet Another Islamic ‘Golden Age’ ”, The American Thinker, September 5, 2010; Revised in 2012 and re-published in Sharia Versus Freedom, pp. 383-89) The myth of a golden age of Islamic rationalism plays a critical … Continue reading

Ella Fitzgerald: “Cry Me A River”

When Harry Met Ivan (And They Disagreed Over “Joe”…Stalin)

US Army “Communist Specialist” Col. Ivan Yeaton Recognized Harry Hopkins’s Pro-Soviet Perfidy Would the followers of the Rasputin of the White House…would these apostles of the [Rexford] Tugwellian philosophy, which would roll up its sleeves and make America over—use this … Continue reading

David Solway on Ronald Radosh and Diana West

Also posted at at Family Security Matters: Disagreements among Conservatives: The Proper Way to Handle Controversy by David Solway The controversy surrounding Diana West’s new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on our Nation’s Character, that erupted over the … Continue reading

Conrad Black’s Vitriol Masks His Own Historical Blindspot

The late military intelligence historian Eduard Mark, whose 1998 analysis identified FDR “co-President” Harry Hopkins as “Source 19” in a cable putatively authored by Soviet spymaster Iskhak Akhmerov, lamented, the indifference of American diplomatic historians to intelligence and of their … Continue reading

An Unambiguous Example of Harry Hopkins’s Pro-Soviet Perfidy, Revealed

Diana West’s American Betrayal enumerates an impressive litany of FDR “co-President” Harry Hopkins’s pro-Soviet activities. Here is a partial listing: his excessive largesse toward the USSR via Lend-Lease, which he oversaw, even to the point, arguably, of sacrificing American and … Continue reading

Lars Hedegaard on “American Betrayal” by Diana West: “Her book is among the most well-documented I have ever read.”

Historian and journalist Lars Hedegaard, who has—wait for it—actually read Diana West’s “American Betrayal,” made these very insightful comments on the book: What Diana West has done is to dynamite her way through several miles of bedrock. On the other … Continue reading

Eminent Cold War Historian Herbert Romerstein Argued Harry Hopkins was Agent 19, and A “Conscious Agent” of the Soviet Union

(Published at American Thinker as “FDR’s Traitor?”) A controversy has re-ignited over Franklin Delano Roosevelt “co-President” Harry Hopkins’s potential role as an agent promoting Soviet influence operations during World War II. Diana West, in her new book, American Betrayal … Continue reading

Why Egyptian Putschist General Al-Sisi’s Anti-Secular U.S. Army War College Thesis Matters

Posted in full at Pajamas Media  with this title and lede: Egyptian Army General Wrote Radical Thesis While Attending U.S. Army War College—What you need to know about al-Sisi.) Key extracts from the essay: Wednesday, 8/7/13, Foreign Policy made available … Continue reading

Meet Today’s Frontpage Magazine Pseudo-Academic Character Assassin, Jeffrey Herf

The Frontpage Magazine Neo-Commissariat continues to belch forth calumniating screeds against a serious journalist, and researcher, Diana West. Today’s screedwriter was Jeffrey Herf, a pseudo-historian whose alleged specialty is “Germany,” and recently, in particular, the supposed “Nazification” of Islam. He … Continue reading