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Minarets and Islamic Supremacism

The venerable Brill Encyclopedia of Islam (EOI) entry on minarets makes plain that minarets are a political statement of Islamic supremacism. Interestingly, given current Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s provocative statement while mayor of Istanbul (the full statement was quoted in … Continue reading

Potemra’s Koran—Glossed in Translation

“New” Koran Translation? Meet the New Gloss ———Same As the Old Gloss! Mike Potemra brings to our attention a new Penguin translation of the Koran by Tarif Khalidi, and cites verses 2:177/178 as  examples of both “very clear contemporary English,” … Continue reading

Islamism or Islam?—Islamist or Islamic?

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan (with his colleague, Iranian President Ahmadinejad): “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it”  During the autumn of 1843, in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey, Sir Henry Layard, the British archeologist, writer, … Continue reading

Which Muslims Share Nidal Hasan’s Vision of Islam?

The Washington Post has published an online gallery of the 50-slide erstwhile “medical grand rounds” given on June 27, 2007 by avowed jihadist psychiatrist Nidal Hasan. Although Hasan merely reiterates salient aspects of classical jihad theory (i.e., see slides 35, … Continue reading

Confronting Nidal Malik Hassan’s “Martyrdom”

From this AP story about the devout Muslim, execution-style murderer of US soldiers and civilian personnel at Fort Hood, Nidal Malik Hassan, surviving erstwhile “martyr”: At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because … Continue reading

Timeless Insights for General Stanley McChrystal from Historian Edward Augustus Freeman (d. 1892)

Edward A. Freeman, a fierce 19th century opponent of jihad-imposed dhimmitude, and its Western Power abettors   Edward Augustus Freeman (1823-92), was a highly esteemed and influential British historian. Freeman was born at Harborne, in Staffordshire, and educated at Oxford, … Continue reading