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UPDATED–Educating Dr. Fauci On Herd Immunity And Covid-19: Completing What Rand Paul Began

“Herd immunity” was a term originally coined in 1923 by Topley and Wilson [1] to address this circumscribed goal: what “quantity of resistance” to a disease within a given population at risk for it, is required to “ensure against the … Continue reading

Recalling What Ibn Warraq Left For Us To Learn About Islam and 9/11 In The Jihad Carnage’s Immediate Aftermath

Ibn Warraq is a nonpareil scholar of Islam’s origins (see his major [book length] works here), and a public, singularly courageous, ex-Muslim conscientious objector to Islam. His statement from September 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the horrific acts of jihad terrorism on 9/11/2001, … Continue reading