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Iranian Women Were Emancipated—on January 7, 1937

In 1919 Sadiqeh Dolatabadi (d. 1962), pictured above, published the first women’s periodical in Isfahan called Zaban-e Zanan (The Women’s Voice) which (unsurprisingly!) faced opposition from the Mullahs in Isfahan. After ending the publication of Zaban-e Zanan in Isfahan, she … Continue reading

An Abrupt, Bittersweet Ending—And Hopes for a New Beginning

Rachmaninoff’s beautiful Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini (especially the famous interlude which starts at around 3:30 in this rendition by Pletnev) has punctuated a decade long effort in my life which came to an abrupt end yesterday—a bittersweet moment, … Continue reading

“ ‘Movements’ that spring from purely Islamic sources…are movements—backwards”

“Visionary” for The Soylent Green Revolution and His “Inspiration”   Diana West has a superb blog on Mousavi’s current “vision”—the animating “spirit” of The Soylent Green Revolution now unfolding in Iran, epitomized by the cries of “Allahu Akbar” (just in … Continue reading

Iranian Nukes and Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution

Are Iranian nukes still a concern for enthusiasts of Mousavi’s Soylent Green Revolution? If so, what better time to act?? Enthusiasts for Mousavi’s Soylent Green  Revolution might just wish to momentarily banish their delusions, and concentrate their minds by reading … Continue reading

Perpetuating Iran’s Islamic Culture of Hate

A Dog’s Life…and the Shiite Iranian Culture of Hate Commenting on the factional protests in Iran, anthropologist Roxanne Varzi, who is touted in a NY Times report today (6/22/09)as having analyzed the methods by which Iran’s Islamic government spreads its … Continue reading

Mullah’s Milk

Here is a revealing analysis of the crux of the conflict in Iran from the Jerusalem Post, Friday May 19, 2009.   The report underscores why there is no evidence that Iranian societal irredentism is about to change dramatically Have … Continue reading

Yippee “Hizbullahi” and “Chaadoris”?—Some Sad Realities About Irredentist Iran

One wants to be a martyr, and the other should be persuaded   Mousavi, during  a Saturday June 20, 2009 speech to his faction of jihadists in southern Tehran stated , “…he was ready for martyrdom and that he would … Continue reading

Netanyahu’s Galvanizing Speech and Developing Obamo-Sanity in Israel?

Maybe there is a Sanity Clause in Israel after all?   According to this Jerusalem Post report,   “only 6 percent of Israeli Jews see President Barack Obama’s administration as pro-Israel, while 50 percent see it as pro-Palestinian.”   To … Continue reading

My Brief Radio Interview Regarding Obama’s Cairo Speech

Go to minutes 13:30 through 20:35 of Interview 01, WHJJ from this past Friday, June 5, 2009 on the Helen Glover Show, broadcast locally in Providence, Rhode Island.

Manchild in Cairo

Manchild Obama: Insistent that no one see Islam as it actually is   When the Manchild US President Barack Obama gave his address this past Thursday (June 4, 2009)  in Cairo he first thanked as one of his primary sponsors … Continue reading