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Understanding Fitna

The brave and perspicacious Robert (“Darth”) Spencer has two superb “exegeses” of Geert Wilder’s film Fitna which you should read in their entirety, at Pajamas Media, and Human Events. Fitna itself can also be viewed (again and again) at Google … Continue reading

“Being charged with Islamophobia is a small price to pay for securing our future”

Indian journalist Kanchan Gupta (hat tip, N.S. Rajaram) admits his naivete, and makes a confessional (in a column from today’s (3/30/08) Daily Pioneer) that our “intelligentsia” in journalism (and beyond), purportedly “covering” Islam, should read, and ponder:  There was a … Continue reading

Defunding the Global Jihad With Our Own Oil?

Perhaps we’ll soon be able to tell the amir of the Saudi oil ticks to use a $53.99 aluminum rolling walker from Target? I’ll pay for it! Based upon formal technical reports such as this “Bakken Formation Reserve Estimates,” the … Continue reading

Wilder’s Film Released at!

Fitna the Movie: Geert Wilders’ film over de Koran. (Nederlands)

Ehsan Jami’s Deflower Power?

His new animated film reportedly shows the Muslim prophet, accompanied by his child bride Aisha, on the way to a mosque to “deflower” her. Wilders’ film (and the reaction to it) may be  humdrum, in comparison! As the world awaits … Continue reading

In Muhammad’s Spittin’ Image

Muhammad (veiled, alone on the right) watching the massacre he orchestrated of the male Medinan Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe. The indispensable MEMRI recently provided further evidence from the core Muslim texts (the Koran, as well as the hadith … Continue reading

A Genuine Arab Voice For Islamic Reform

Interviewer: Do you have a problem with religion? Dr. Ibtihal Al-Khatib: Of course not. My problem is with religious coercion. That is what goes on in most Arab countries. Amidst the endless stream of blather across the political spectrum about … Continue reading

Magdi Allam: Jihad Terrorism Rooted in Islam

Magdi Allam’s account of why he converted to Christianity, includes these brutally frank comments, below. A full translation is available at    I had to ask myself about the attitude of those who publicly declared fatwas, Islamic juridical verdicts, against … Continue reading

Remembrance of Islam in Sicily?

In light of Magdi Allam’s high profile, public conversion by Pope Benedict, it is worth remembering that Sicily experienced full-fledged, jihad-imposed dhimmitude for both its Christian and Jewish inhabitants, particularly during the 9th century.   Perhaps The Pope has been made … Continue reading

Pope Benedict and Magdi Allam Uphold Freedom of Conscience in Italy!

An Easter Celebration of Freedom of Conscience Magdi Allam, a Muslim intellectual living in Italy, who is the assistant editor of Corriere della Sera, recently published, Viva Israele : dall’ideologia della morte alla civiltà della vita : la mia storia … Continue reading