VIDEO: Thurs 4/11/24 Witless Jewish & Christian NYC Council Meeting Members Were Cursed in Arabic By A Guest Bronx Imam Allowed to Give The Invocation Which Included Qur’an 1:7

Thurs 4/11/24 witless Jewish & Christian NYC Council Meeting members were cursed in Arabic by a guest Bronx Imam allowed to give The Invocation which opened with a full recitation of the “fatiha” the first very short “sura” or chapter of the Qur’an. The final and 7th verse of the fatiha (Qur’an 1:7) is a curse upon Jews for incurring Allah’s anger, & Christians for having gone “astray”, i.e., both having failed to follow the only “straight path” of faith, which is Islam. This mainstream, authoritative interpretation of Qur’an 1:7 dates back per Muslim sources to Muhammad himself, and has been reiterated for the past almost 14 centuries till now.

The full NYC council session is available here  and Imam Imam Abdoulazakou Traore, Darou Salam Islamic Community Inc., located at 677 Elton Avenue, BRONX, N.Y was introduced at ~6:51 & his recitation of the Fatiha ends at ~8:18. Clip is just from Imam Traore’s introduction to the end of his recitation of the fatiha.

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