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Here Comes The Sun (And There Goes Anthropogenic Warmism)

As Lawrence Solomon has reported, with little fanfare—certainly none from pseudo-scientific, apocalyptic, anthropogenic warmists and their uncritical (if witless) media and political champions—Jasper Kirkby et al. have just published a seminal paper in Nature (“Role of sulphuric acid, ammonia and … Continue reading

A Grim Post 9/11 Failure: How Pakistan Will “Re-Talibanize” Afghanistan

As we rapidly approach the ten year anniversary of the mass murderous jihad terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001,  the complete lack of American geostrategic vision becomes more glaringly apparent, on all fronts, domestic and international, military and non-military. We have failed … Continue reading

Popeye Knew the Libyan Rebels

The scenes of Libyan “rebels” looting Qaddafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound (here; here), and their general mayhem in “liberated” Tripoli, brought to mind the 1937 insights of that great animated Orientalist—Popeye—via  my dear friend Hillel Stavis. From Popeye the Sailor and … Continue reading

Diana West Interviewed About the Emerging Libyan Zabibahstan

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Zabibah-prominent current “moderate leader” of the emerging NATO-backed Libyan Zabibahstan (via John Rosenthal): “The most prominent of the defectors, the president of the NTC, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is likewise described by the authors as a ‘traditionalist’ who … Continue reading

77% of Democrats (and Ron Paul) Voted Against ROE That Protect Our Troops

Florida Republican Congressman John Mica offered the following morally clear Amendment (5/25/2011—H.AMDT.318 (A018) Amends H.R.1540): Amendment requires that the rules of engagement [ROE] allow any military service personnel assigned to duty in a designated hostile fire area to have rules … Continue reading

The New Libyan Zabibah-stan: Made Safe for Sharia?

Mustafa Abduljalil, spokesman for the new Libyan Zabibah-stan. Zabibah–prominent* Libyan “rebel” spokesperson Mustafa Abduljalil, born in 1952 in Al Baida, one of the first cities to rise against Gaddafi, studied law and Islamic jurisprudence in Benghazi before embarking on a … Continue reading

Mainstream American Muslim “Jurisprudence” on Dogs

In follow-up to the wrenching story related yesterday about Wiley, a cruelly brutalized Afghan mutt—treated in accord with doctrinal and historical Islamic attitudes towards dogs—I discovered the fatwas (reproduced below) on dogs and dog ownership, from the mainstream American Muslim … Continue reading

Mark Levin on Islamic Canine Cruelty and “Democratization” (Updated)

Last night (8/17/11) Mark Levin read my essay about the “sacralized” Islamic brutalization of dogs in Afghanistan on the air and offered his own poignant—and trenchant—commentary about the wisdom of “democratization” efforts in Sharia-based Muslim societies. The audio is available … Continue reading

The Life of Wylie: Canine Cruelty By Our “Afghan Allies”

Australian Federal Police officer Narelle Jensz, right, with Wylie, while he was being operated on at the Kandahar base in Afghanistan. The Australian (hat tip Religion of Peace). has a moving report on the humane efforts of Australian Federal Police … Continue reading

Bat Ye’or: “The universal caliphate stands before us”

Bat Ye’or’s 2005 Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis portrayed Western Europe’s recrudescent dhimmitude, chronicled in real time, by our most informed contemporary scholar of the dhimmi condition. Living as an eyewitness in Geneva—a major European center, with its United Nations, NGOs … Continue reading