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Rep. Michele Bachmann & I Discuss The Meshugga Muslim Jihad Against Western Police on 970 AM The Answer

I was privileged to be interviewed earlier today (12/29/14) by outgoing Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, guest hosting for John Gambling, on New York City’s AM Radio 970 The Answer. Rep. Bachmann is one of the exceedingly rare U.S. politicians who … Continue reading

My Brief Discussion of Jihad, Sharia, & the Plight of Middle East Christians with Judge Jeanine Pirro

I am very grateful to Judge Jeanine Pirro that last night (Saturday, 12/27/14), the interview segments embedded above, were aired as part of her special on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The Judge was kind enough to … Continue reading

My Discussion With Steve Malzberg of Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley & the “Meshugga Muslim” Jihad Against the Police

I discussed the abject failure of media coverage to address the issue of IIsmaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley’s potential Islamic influences and motivations with the intrepid Steve Malzberg. My analysis linked Brinsley’s attack to three other jihadist attacks on police since the … Continue reading

Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley and the “Meshugga Muslim” Jihad Against the Police (Addended)

              Reflecting upon Maimonides’ timeless wisdom, we must have the intellectual fortitude to contemplate, with candor, from a non-Muslim perspective, whether Islamic jihadism and “madness”/“madmen” may interact in a complementary, even synergistic manner. ** At … Continue reading

My discussion of Islamic persecution of Christians, Pakistan’s release of Mumbai massacre mastermind one day after Peshawar intra-Muslim carnage

My discussion of Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East (and beyond), and Pakistan’s release of the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai jihad massacre of Hindus and Jews (see here; here; and here on this event), within 24-hours of … Continue reading

A Not So Merry Christmas From Islam and Isa, The Muslim “Jesus”

Muslim immigrant Man Haron Monis recently declared, in the Christmas spirit of his adopted Australian refuge, “Islam is the religion of peace and a Muslim should be a peace activist.” December 15, 2014, consistent with legions of his Muslim co-religionists … Continue reading

Christmas Clarity: Palestinian Christy Anastas on Islam and Sharia-Based Persecution of Christians in the Holy Land

“As Christmas approaches, and the usual Jew-hating calumnies against Israel, holding her responsible for the plight of Christians in the Holy Land, are leveled, Christy Anastas’ honest, uncompromised observations identifying the Sharia-based source of Christian persecution in Gaza, Judea-Samaria, and … Continue reading

Recalling Eugene Lyons’ Moving Tribute to Herbert Hoover—the Great American Champion of Freedom—on the 50th Anniversary of Hoover’s Passing

              The very belated publication of (2011), and scant attention paid to Herbert Hoover’s own magnum opus, Freedom Betrayed, has continued to obfuscate this great, quintessential American’s unequaled championing of Western, Judeo-Christian-based liberty—the antithesis … Continue reading

Brahms, Symphony No. 3 in F Major, Op. 90: III. Poco allegretto, Played by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra

Adam Smith, S.D. Goitein, and the “Economics” (and “Sexual Ethics”) of Islamic Jihad Slavery

Adam Smith, S.D. Goitein, and the “Economics” (and “Sexual Ethics”) of Islamic Jihad Slavery Shlomo Dov [S. D.] Goitein (d. 1985) was a historian of Muslim-Jewish relations whose seminal research findings were widely published, most notably in the monumental five-volume … Continue reading