Monthly Archives: August 2009

Rifqa Bary and the Noor Islamic Center’s “Theology” of Apostasy

Rifqa Bary Fled Qaradawi’s “Justice”   The legal team representing Rifqa Bary has issued an “Investigation and Intelligence Memorandum in Support of Petition for Dependency” which discusses the theology and jurisprudence of apostasy espoused by her local mosque—the Noor Islamic … Continue reading

“Apostasy”, and Wafa Sultan’s Exchange with an Oxford Educated Muslim on Allah “The Harmer”

Coming soon….   Last evening I read a particularly illuminating anecdote from Wafa Sultan’s forthcoming book (due out October 13th), “A God Who Hates,” which provides an irrefragable counterpoint to the taqiya-mongering drivel on Rifqa Bary’s apostasy case recently spewed … Continue reading

Promethean Courage Versus Cartoonish “Yalean” Cowardice

And Yale University Press Has Run Out of Courage The craven capitulation of Yale University Press—which has excised the banal cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad from Klausen’s forthcoming (and likely apologetic, if not downright warped) book on the Danish … Continue reading