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Eugene Lyons–“The Myth of Jewish Communism”, April, 1947: Full Text and Brief Background

Eugene Lyons, 1947: “The antisemitic legend that the Soviet regime is somehow Jewish thus makes no more sense than the related myth that American communism is Jewish.” Eugene Lyons (July 1, 1898 – January 7, 1985) born in Belarus, of … Continue reading

Senator Joseph McCarthy’s 1955 Tribute To Jews: “Congenital Enemies of Communism…Guardians of The Individual’s Freedom”

“…Jewish people are congenital enemies of Communism. Those of the Jewish faith are, historically, champions of liberty. They are, traditionally, jealous guardians of the individual’s freedom—political, economic, social. These things Communism is determined to destroy.” ** Rabbi Benjamin Schultz’s (d. … Continue reading