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Interview Discussion of Apocalyptic Islamic Jew-Hatred, from The Palestinian Mufti to The Iranian Mullahs

My new monograph, The Mufti’s Islamic Jew-Hatred—What The Nazi’s Learned from the “Muslim Pope” analyzes the canonical Islamic Jew-hatred and jihadism which were the core animating ideologies of the founder of the Palestinian Muslim jihadist movement, Hajj Amin el-Husseini, ex-Mufti … Continue reading

Four 11/25/13 Interviews on the Iran “Deal” Fiasco

Thanks to Ken Sikorski for downloading these interviews!! Lars Larson Interview (bear with opening glitch!) 1041thetruth Jon Justice interview WBX Interview 1360 KIUK Interview    

Interviews All Day on the Iran Nuke Deal Fiasco and the Related Failure to Acknowledge Iran’s Animating Islamic Jew-Hatred

I will be discussing this blog, “Nuke Deal Fiasco Analyses Ignore Iran’s Genocidal Islamic Jew-Hatred,” and also my new (and related) monograph, “The Mufti’s Islamic Jew-Hatred: What the Nazis Learned from the ‘Muslim Pope’,” during radio interviews throughout the day. … Continue reading

Nuke Deal Fiasco Analyses Ignore Iran’s Genocidal Islamic Jew-Hatred

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, Iran’s President Rouhani, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif, all concur on this critical outcome of the interim agreement struck between Iran, the U.S. and five other world powers, announced early … Continue reading

The Shia Didn’t Like “Renegade Yemenite Jew” Abdullah Ibn Saba, Either!

At Pajamas Media I blogged about the mainstream Sunni doctrine which insists Abd Allah b. Saba, an alleged renegade Yemenite Jew was the founder of the heterodox Shiite sect. He is held responsible—identified as a Jew—for promoting the Shiite heresy … Continue reading

Ike on the Italian Po Valley, and the Aegean Sea “Second Front” Approaches, 70 Years Ago, in November, 1943

As I learned from reading Diana West’s opus, American Betrayal, General Dwight D. Eisenhower extolled the suitability of both the Italian Po Valley, and the Aegean Sea “Second Front” approaches during the late November, 1943 Cairo Conference. Specifically, Ike opined … Continue reading

Bat Ye’or’s Foreword to “The Mufti’s Islamic Jew-Hatred”

The full monograph is available as an e-book, here.   Foreword by Bat Ye’or The issue of anti-Jewish incitement and indoctrination in Islamic theology and jurisprudence was examined, unfettered, in seminal academic publications by Western scholars during the end of … Continue reading

Ibn Warraq on my Mufti monograph: “…a scholarly, well-researched response to those who argue that antisemitism in the Islamic world is a modern, Nazi-inspired phenomenon”

Ibn Warraq, the great scholar of Islam’s origins, and an erudite, passionate defender of the Western cultural patrimony of freedom, and reasoned inquiry, provided the following lovely blurb for my new monograph, The Mufti’s Islamic Jew-Hatred—What the Nazis Learned from … Continue reading

Sunrise From Our Dock Today

Discussion of My New Monograph on Hajj Amin el-Husseini, and its 11/8/13 Validation by the Palestinian Authority

On November 8, 2013, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs, al-Habbash, insisted (despite expert forensic opinion to the contrary) Yasir Arafat was poisoned by Jews, like Islam’s prophet Muhammad, in accord with  Islam’s Jew-hating canon (i.e., in the hadith … Continue reading