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Still No Mea Culpa, 4-Years Later, For Hysterically Overblown Brown University/RIDOH/Raimondo Administration 4/16/20 “RI Covid-19 Hospitalization Models”, Which Needlessly Extended, Useless, Socio-Economically Devastating Restrictions, For Months

Four years ago today, 4/16/20, during a live presser broadcast nationally on C-SPAN, then Governor Raimondo announced hysterical, wildly inaccurate Brown University/ Rhode Island Department of Health “RI covid-19 hospitalization model projections” for 4/27/20 and 5/3/20—a mere ~2-weeks later. Those … Continue reading

VIDEO: Thurs 4/11/24 Witless Jewish & Christian NYC Council Meeting Members Were Cursed in Arabic By A Guest Bronx Imam Allowed to Give The Invocation Which Included Qur’an 1:7

Thurs 4/11/24 witless Jewish & Christian NYC Council Meeting members were cursed in Arabic by a guest Bronx Imam allowed to give The Invocation which opened with a full recitation of the “fatiha” the first very short “sura” or chapter … Continue reading