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Nagle v. Nagle Rhode Island Supreme Court appeal: “The pandemic is over. The irrefutable evidence is that these children are at no risk of harm from COVID, that those with natural immunity are at least as protected as those who have had the vaccine, & that there are serious questions as to the harms that the vaccine may cause.”

Link to full brief: Nagle appeal to RISC_3.8.23_Defendant Rule 12A Statement of Case final

Nagle v. Nagle: Why Rhode Island’s Supreme Court Must Affirm That Healthy Young Children with Naturally Acquired SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Don’t Need the Covid-19 Vaccine

Andrew Bostom, MD, MS and Gregory Piccirilli, Esq. February 9, 2023, the Rhode Island Supreme Court (RISC) granted divorced father Joshua Nagle’s emergency motion for a stay on covid-19 vaccination of his young daughters. When the RISC convenes to hear … Continue reading

5 year-old RI female had severe covid-19 mRNA vaccine allergy & facial nerve palsy; 9 year-old RI female had chest pain & severe allergy after covid-19 mRNA vaccine

Link to pdf of VAERS case reports filed after emergent private MD office visit (5 year old), and Emergency Department visit (9 year-old): RI VAERS 5yoF and 9yoF cases