Monthly Archives: December 2015

Rush Limbaugh’s Christmas Message on Islam, “[A] Conquest Ideology. Not Even a Religion”

Tuesday, December 22, talk show host Rush Limbaugh dispensed with the usual craven, cultural relativist obfuscations employed across the political spectrum which insist upon qualifiers such as “radical Islam,” or “Islamism.” Just before parting for the holidays, with bold Christmas … Continue reading

Discussion With Sam Sorbo: Trump’s Muslim Immigration Moratorium, and Islam as a Politico-Religious Ideology

Today I discussed with Sam Sorbo why Donald Trump is correct in his call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, for a host of reasons, two of which were contained in his statement citing data from a survey conducted by … Continue reading

“Reformer” Maajid Nawaz and Wm. Abdallah Quilliam, Caliphate-Supporting Namesake for Nawaz’s “Reformist” Organization

Yesterday my colleagues Diana West and Sam Sorbo critiqued the dangerous obfuscations of traditional Islam-apologist, cum “reformer,” Maajid Nawaz, during Nawaz’s appearance Thursday evening, 12/3/15, on Fox News’s The Kelly File. West-Sorbo’s important discussion (listen to the full interview at … Continue reading

Devout Muslims, Like Syed Farook, Recite Koranic Verse Cursing Jews and Christians 17 Times Per Day

I just heard former New York Police Department Commissioner Howard Safir aptly characterize San Bernadino, CA Muslim jihadist murderer Syed Farook, and his accomplice Saudi Muslim wife, Tafsheen Malik, as “true believers.” Indeed Safir’s description comports neatly with this candid … Continue reading