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Wilders Agonistes: Parts 1 and 2

A review-essay on Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me, by Geert Wilders,  Regnery Publishing, May1, 2012, 256 pp. As I told the Editor of The American Thinker, Tom Lifson: “Although lengthy, this review-essay will provide readers … Continue reading

Jihad Denial and Armenian Genocide Remembrance

The Center for Security Policy, under security analyst Frank Gaffney’s bold and thoughtful leadership, is launching a 10-part, web-based video course (key findings summarized here), today, April 24, 2012,  entitled, “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Enemy Within.” Today , … Continue reading

Gellner on the Unique Resistance of Islamic Societies to Secularization

Ernest Gellner (1925-1995) was a British-Czech philosopher and social anthropologist. His anthropological interests extended to Islamdom, notably the 1981 study Muslim Society. In 1995, an obituarist described Gellner as a “defender of positivism, empiricism and rationalism,” who,   “with cold clarity” … Continue reading

Hedegaard Temporarily Victorious Over “Hate Speech” (Islamic Blasphemy) Law in Denmark

Intrepid Danish journalist, historian and President of the Free Press Society Lars Hedegaard, has been acquitted unanimously by a panel of seven Supreme Court justices.  led by Chief Justice Børge Dahl. Hedegaard was accused of intentionally denigrating Muslims in breach … Continue reading

New Jersey Voters Support NYPD Tactics on Jihadism, Reject Christie’s Criticism

Rather than combat jihadism, he prefers eating kanafeh and appointing cultural jihadist judges Quinnipiac University polling data released today (4/11/12) indicate that by a wide margin, 71% to 20%, New Jersey voters the affirm that the New York City Police … Continue reading

Free Speech Trumps Dearborn’s “Anti-Blasphemy” Efforts

Earlier today (4/7/12), in defiance of the Dearborn community’s transparent effort to assuage the tender sensibilities of its large Muslim community, by imposing de facto Sharia-based “blasphemy” (and anti-proselytization) provisions, Pastor Terry Jones staged a peaceful protest against the global … Continue reading

Et Tu Tunisia?—“Blasphemy” Punishment in Liberated Tunisia

“Blasphemers” Mejri (left) and Beji ( right) (Hat Tip TROP) On the heels of the three year prison sentence dispensed by an Egyptian court to a17 year-old Coptic Christian boy for allegedly publishing “blasphemous” cartoons on his Facebook page, comes … Continue reading

Egypt: Christian Teenager Imprisoned for “Blasphemy”

(Hat tip TROP) A 17 year old Coptic Christian boy, Gamal Massoud, was sentenced yesterday (Wednesday, 4/4/12) to a three year prison term for allegedly publishing cartoons on his Facebook page that lampooned the Muslim creed, and its prophet. The … Continue reading

MB Presidential Candidate Pledges to Implement Sharia

As reported by The Washington Post today (4/4/12), recently announced Muslim Brotherhood (MB)  candidate for the Egyptian Presidency,  Dr. Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the MB,  has affirmed his commitment to implementing Sharia—Islamic Law—in post-Mubarak Egypt. Yesterday (Tuesday 4/3/12) Al-Shater … Continue reading

New Book: “Sharia Versus Freedom”—Discussion of the Cover Art

The cover design of my forthcoming book “Sharia Versus Freedom” features the Persian miniature painting, below. This posting reproduces the discussion of the cover art as it will appear in the book. Original Persian miniature painting incorporated into the cover … Continue reading