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[VIDEO] Marxist Angela Davis Encapsulated Transgender Marxism, 6/14/20: “The trans community taught us if it is possible to challenge the gender binary, then we can effectively resist prisons & jails & police”

Speaking at a virtual conference, June 14, 2020, entitled, “Unlock Us: Abolition in Our Lifetime,” American Marxist Angela Davis (at ~52:11-52:46), opined, “[T]he trans community has taught us how to challenge that which is totally accepted as normal…that which … Continue reading

[AUDIO] Typically Toxic RI Media Coverage of Giorgia Meloni’s Election in Italy & the Lilliputian “Kalus-McKee Debate” on “Raises”: My Brief Comments on WPRO, 9/26/22

Plastic Tomato Lysenkoism: Hugh E. Wells. “How Soviet Shackles Its Scientists” The Philadelphia Inquirer September 26, 1948; p. 152

“Professor T.D. Lysenko, vice chairman of The Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, and holder of the Order of Lenin, is far ahead of any scientist in the field of genetics. He is, in fact, the only scientist who ever … Continue reading

Louis Budenz, 1954, on “transmission belt method,” whereby Communist talking points and themes, as ordered then, for example, by American Communist leader Gus Hall, were soon, “being repeated by outstanding public figures, certain leading newspapers, and television and radio commentators.”

Full Budenz essay here: Link to pdf of original article here: Budenz Transmission Belt 1954 Excerpts from Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, PA), Friday, November 5, 1954; p. 26: “Moscow Orders McCarthy Destroyed, Dupes Many Into Frenzy Against McCarthyism” … Continue reading

Dutch Politician Thierry Baudet: “Davos’ ideology is related to the ideology of communism. The apparent differences dwarf the similarities in conviction.”

The section of Mr Baudet’s prepared remarks, just below caused an exodus from the Dutch Parliament, led by the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and World Economic Forum “Agenda Contributor,” Sigrid Kaag. The video embedded also captures … Continue reading

Educating RIDOH and the RI Attorney General’s Office on RI Covid-19 Hospitalizations, Covid-19 Transmission, and Masking

As the plaintiffs’ expert medical witness in the active Southwell vs. McKee litigation, the most shocking—and depressing—revelation has been the ongoing willful, hubristic covid-19 published data ignorance of the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) “experts,” and the defendants attorneys … Continue reading

Hard Data vs. VIDEO Vacuity, 9/19/22: “Protesting” Savants Can’t Explain Why They Oppose Cranston, RI Public Library Evidence-Based Presentation On Transgender Indoctrination & Mutilation Methods, & Are Also Mum About Whether They Oppose Re-Institution of (Very Much Related) Eunuch Slavery

From The Executive Summary Source: The New Atlantis, No. 50, Special Report: Sexuality and Gender (Fall 2016), pp. 7-9 Published by: Center for the Study of Technology and Society Stable URL: Part Three: Gender Identity The hypothesis that gender … Continue reading

N. Engl J Med: “Omicron-specific” mRNA 1273 (Moderna) covid-19 booster trial (in human adults)–NO BENEFIT in preventing omicron infections

Chalkias S, Harper C, Vrbicky K, Walsh SR, Essink B, Brosz A, McGhee N, Tomassini JE, Chen X, Chang Y, Sutherland A, Montefiori DC, Girard B, Edwards DK, Feng J, Zhou H, Baden LR, Miller JM, Das R. “A Bivalent … Continue reading

Ashley “Buonanno” Kalus: Excerpts From A Revealing, If Disastrous Interview

Friday September 16, 2022, WJAR’s Gene Valicenti interviewed Rhode Island Republican nominee for Governor, Ashley Kalus. Ms. Kalus’s comments about defeated Democratic hopeful for Governor, Helena Buonanno Foulkes were both absurd and deeply disappointing. Her comments about Florida Governor Ron … Continue reading

Brief comments to The Children’s Health Defense, 9/15/22, on “The three biggest threats to children’s health in New England”

Before I outline the “three biggest threats to children’s health in New England,” I believe there is a demonstrable Red thread* that binds them, namely the 100-year plus relentless march of Marxism/Communism through our school system (I hope this doesn’t … Continue reading