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Petraeus Passion: Shared by Max Boot and (Pan) Arabists Alike

One man’s (Boot’s) delusional/careerist passion, is another’s (Khouri’s) triumphal, strategic passion. My colleague Diana West has fully deconstructed the mendacious attacks upon her by Commentary Magazine blogger Max Boot, whose hero-worshipping, delusional  (and perhaps careerist?)  “mindset” renders it impossible for Boot  … Continue reading

All Islamic Things Not Considered at NPR

Philip Jenkins versus Tina Magaard: She’s alot more intelligent and honest, too… Tina Magaard, from her “Fjendebilleder og voldsforestillinger i islamiske grundtekster,” Acta Jutlandica : aarsskrift for universitetsundervisningen i Jylland. 82, no. 1, (2007): p. 221, (kindly translated by Fjordman)  “The … Continue reading

Silencing the Jews, Redux

Tarek Fatah—“Hardened Secular, Moderate Muslim” Antisemite Heir of Al-Maghribi My essay on Mr. Fatah’s diatribe against the Canadian Jewish community, and Jews at large, appears in Pajamas Media today. Fatah, hailed as “a paragon of secularism and moderation,” makes plain … Continue reading

Educating Charles Krauthammer on Islam—Again

Krauthammer’s “Take” on Islam and Wilders is the Wrong Take Last May, I blogged about Charles Krauthammer’s fundamental ignorance of mainstream, classical Islamic Law—evident in a naïve column he wrote discussing Hamas’ “truce offer,” which was oblivious to over a … Continue reading

Qaddafi, Wilders, and the Jihad Against Switzerland

The Jihadist “Benign Eccentric” The Anti-Jihadist “Dangerous Demagogue” From my essay appearing today at Pajamas Media:  Muammar Qaddafi embodies such quintessential Islamic supremacism and belligerence — witness his call for jihad against Switzerland being validated by representatives of the entire … Continue reading