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Bostom Interview: Exposing the False See-No-Islam Fox News/“Conservatism, Inc.” Media Narrative About Ilhan Omar & The Global Pandemic of Muslim Jew-Hatred [Audio/Transcript]

Interview segment from Janet Mefferd Today, 2/20/19, here: (37:23-47:40) [Janet Mefferd]: We are back on Janet Mefferd Today. Well, as we know, Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was rightly criticized for her recent antisemitic remarks. But after she made them, Fox … Continue reading

Andrew Bostom Interview: Educating Concerned Rep. Lee Zeldin, Et Al—Ilhan Omar’s Islamic Jew-Hatred Reflects a Mainstream, Global Muslim Pandemic [Audio; Transcript]

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 Interview of Dr. Andrew Bostom by Janet Mefferd Audio, with full annotated transcript, below. Audio link (from 13:00 to 24:55): Annotated Transcript Janet Mefferd: Representative Ilhan Omar just can’t seem to help herself. Under pressure, … Continue reading

Why Designating “Muhammad Ali Jinnah Way” in “New Pakistan”, Brooklyn, Is Just Another Capitulation To Totalitarian (& Kleptocratic) Islam

Margaret Bourke-White’s Life Magazine photograph of Indo-Pakistani Muslims praying, with her original caption: “Facing toward Mecca, Islam’s holy city, worshippers prostrate themselves in silent prayer to Allah. Most of the standing figures are women, who customarily do not pray in … Continue reading