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Qaradawi: “If They [Muslims] Had Gotten Rid of the Apostasy Punishment Islam Wouldn’t Exist Today”

(Thanks to James Cohen who found the accompanying video, and Mamdu Shauki who translated and subtitled  it) Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Spiritual Guide to the Muslim Brotherhood and popular Al-Jazeera television personality, whose oeuvre of Sharia supremacism and traditional Islamic Jew-hatred inspired … Continue reading

Hey Hannity, Koran 5:60 Refers to Jews as “Apes and Pigs”

                Much to his credit, Sean Hannity, incessantly throughout this week (see here, here, and here), has used his Fox News soap box to pillory the Obama Administration for its sale (i.e., purchased … Continue reading

Le Monde: “The Muslim religion is the subject of a profound rejection by the French”

Gamal al-Banna’s impression, shared by an unhappy French public: “most Muslims today are Salafis” Yesterday (1/24/13), Le Monde (hat tip Religion of Peace) published IPSOS survey results of French public attitudes towards Islam under the self-explanatory headline, “La religion musulmane … Continue reading

[Updated X 2] American Hostages to Jihad in Algeria: 1640 to Present

              Living Qaddafi’s final prediction (as reported by the New York Times): As the uprising closed in around him, the Libyan dictator Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi warned that if he fell, chaos and holy war … Continue reading

Persecuting Partners: Murdoch’s Saudis Vs. Gore’s Qataris

Yesterday, highlighting a particularly egregious example of preening by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, I reiterated my contention that Fox’s well-paid media personalities behave hypocritically when they ignore the morally cretinous Saudi/Rotana/Al-Risala dealings of their owner Rupert Murdoch, while lashing out at … Continue reading

O’Reilly/Fox Hypocrisy: Ignore Murdoch, Ratchet Up Attacks on Gore

Last night (1/14/13) Bill O’Reilly devoted his “Factor Impact Segment of the day,” (embedded below) to the limited coverage afforded Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera. Joined by Bernard Goldberg, both men were in high dudgeon against Gore’s … Continue reading

Murdoch’s Moral Morass: A Simple, Ethical Solution

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? Mark 8:36 ** As I discussed Thursday (1/10/12), Diana West has alerted us to the galling hypocrisy of Fox news personalities lambasting Al Gore … Continue reading

Egypt’s Intractable Dilemma

The late (d. 1997) historian and political scientist P.J. Vatikiotis’s prescient (and well-nigh timeless) insights on Muslim Egypt must be urgently re-considered ** Ibrahim Nawar, an outspoken advocate of press freedom in Araby, has just published (Thursday 1/10/13) a wistful … Continue reading

Diana West on Rupert Murdoch’s Ikhwannabe TV

Murdoch’s Man, Director-General of Al-Risala Tareq al-Suwaidan with Fellow Jew-Hating Jihadist and Broadcasting Companion at Al-Risala, Salah Sultan The perspicacious and intellectually courageous journalist and writer Diana West has just published an exposé which unveils the breathtaking hypocrisy of the … Continue reading

Interview on Mainstream Islamic Jihadism, Antisemitism, and Totalitarianism (Sharia)

You Tube link here; Embedded below. Description: Author, Islam, Middle East, and Sharia Law expert Andrew G. Bostom, M.D. joins Host, Lee Lazerson for a very candid discussion on Islam, Sharia Law, Jihad and his conviction that Islamic “Extremism” is … Continue reading