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RIDOH data: For past year, only six 5 to 9 year-old Rhode Island children have been hospitalized for primary Covid-19, irrespective of Covid-19 vaccination status (i.e., 2/ the 30-40% fully vaccinated; 4/ the 60-70% not fully vaccinated)

Rhode Island Department of Health emailed data link: RIDOH email on 5_9yo primary C19 hospitalizations by C19 vax status_2.1.22_1.31.23

Uncompensated Failure of Heart—The Scandalous Lack of Smallpox and Covid-19 Vaccine-Associated Myopericarditis Injury Compensation

“When I told Pfizer about it, they refused to believe me for a period of four months. Only after we asked for reports on all of the cases of myocarditis in Israel, which we analyzed and were then able to … Continue reading

Nagel v. Nagel “Joshua Nagel’s emergency motion for a stay pending appeal, as prayed, is granted.”

Order Lauren Nagel v. Joshua Nagel (SU-2023-30-MP)

Transcript: Southwell v. McKee, October 6, 2021, Testimony

Southwell v. McKee, October 6, 2021, Testimony, link to pdf of transcript: PC-21-05915 10-6-21 hearing (002)