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Obama’s SOTU Claims on Iran Debunked at Same Day Congressional Hearings; Iran Agreement Text Being Withheld

Just hours before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address (1/28/14), which included remarks (analyzed here) lauding how the P5 +1 agreement “halted” Iran’s nuclear weapons development program, a joint Congressional hearing demonstrated otherwise. Gregory S. Jones, a … Continue reading

Inveterate Shiite Iranian Jew-Hatred

Shah Ismail I Recently I gave a brief video presentation in the U.S. Senate Office Building which riveted on the most salient doctrinal features of Shiite Islamic Jew-hatred in Iran. This ugly phenomenon spans a pre-modern to modern continuum of … Continue reading

Video of My January 8th Briefing at the Senate Office Building, “What Are Iran’s True Intentions?”

I was privileged to join Clare Lopez, Mark Langfan, and Dr. Walid Phares for this panel presentation jointly sponsored by The Endowment for Middle East Truth and the Center for Security Policy Using photos, text, and clips, the video depicts … Continue reading

Emile Tyan (d. 1977), Islamic Law Scholar Par Excellence, on Islam’s Eternal Jihad to Impose a Caliphate

Emile Tyan (1901-1977) studied law at St. Joseph University in Beirut, and received a doctorate in 1926 from the Faculty of Law at Lyon for a treatise on Islamic law. He became a professor of law in Beirut, and a … Continue reading