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Erdogan Extols Koranic Harshness Toward Non-Muslims, Seeks Their Koranic Conquest

Notwithstanding any limited “support” Turkey may (or may not) have provided the successful U.S. raid this weekend, which liquidated ISIS’s al-Baghdadi, Turkish President Erdogan made some revealing, indeed pathognomonic remarks, during last Friday’s (10/25/19) prayers in Istanbul’s Great Camlica Mosque. … Continue reading

Central Turkey: Billboards Feature Koranic Verse (5:51) Admonishing Muslims Not To Befriend Jews And Christians

Billboards belonging to the traditionalist Muslim Justice and Development Party (AKP) municipality are on public display in Konya, central Turkey, featuring the verbatim text of Koran 5:51 (in accurate Turkish translation). Accompanied by the image of a blood-splattered cross, and … Continue reading

Amir Taheri’s Grotesque Misrepresentation of the World War I Muslim Turkish-Kurdish Jihad Genocidal Killings of Armenians in Eastern Turkey: Debunked By Real-Time 1915 U.S. Consular Reports

Amir Taheri, writing for the Gatestone Institute, published (10/20/19) the following Goebbels-like mischaracterization of the combined Turkish-Kurdish Muslim World War I era jihad mass killings of Armenians—ultimately a jihad genocide—specifically in the eastern Turkish regions: During the First World War, … Continue reading

[VIDEO] “Intoxicating” Takiya: Imam Tawhidi Denies Doctrinal and Historical Iranian Shiite Jew-Hatred, Blames “Safavid Drunkenness”

Former New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind recently (this past May, 2019) gushed that peripatetic Australian Shiite Imam Mohammad Tawhidi,  was “a great friend of the Jewish people.” Adding a testament to Tawhidi’s alleged singular veracity, Hikind further declared the good … Continue reading

500 Years of “Najis”/“Impurity”-Based Jew-Hatred in Shiite Iran: An Overview

Portrait of Allamah al-Majlisi (d.1699), Safavid Iran’s most important Shi-ite theologian,  and also the political equivalent of Ayatollah Khomeini (d. 1989) Extracts reproduced from my book, “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel—The Legacy of Jihad and Shi-ite Islamic Jew-Hatred in Iran,” … Continue reading

“Takiya” [Taqiy(y)a]: A Brief, Annotated Reference Guide

“Takiya” [Taqiy(y)a], from The Shorter Encyclopaedia of Islam, Edited by H.A.R. Gibb and J.H. Kramers, Leiden/New Delhi, 1953/2008, pp. 795-796: Muhammad himself avoided the Passion motive in religion—in dogmatics by docetism (Koran 4:157) [i.e., the heretical early Christian belief that … Continue reading

How The “Philosemitic” Kurdistan Muslim Kurds Helped Jews “Celebrate” Rosh Hashanah in the Mid-19th Century

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose? “(T)hey [Jews] had not only to bear the whole cruelty of the Kurds, but were even sold like cattle, and attacked in that which to them is most sacred—their faith. Thus for … Continue reading

Addended: Actual Conditions For Jews Circa Late 2018 in The Iraqi Kurdistan Paradise: Past As Prologue

Res Ipsa Loquitur (Or so  one would think) Largely autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan is a Sharia-based society, per its own Constitution, (Articles 6 & 7):  This Constitution confirms and respects the Islamic identity of the majority of the people of Iraqi … Continue reading

Syrian Morass: POTUS Trump Supported By Turk and Kurd Knowledgeable Middle East Christian World Council of Arameans

Johny Messo, President of the World Council of Arameans (WCA; indigenous Syriac speaking Middle Eastern Christians), has written thoughtfully and sympathetically about Zionism as a (belated) prototype for “Arameanism,” though he guardedly refrains from “championing” Zionism, outright, today. Mr. Messo, … Continue reading

UPDATE 10/10/19: Don’t Romanticize The Kurds: Longstanding jihadist butchery; PKK Marxist terrorism evolved to fight Ataturk’s ethno-racist Turkey; Created sharia-based Iraqi “Kurdistan”

Johny Messo, is head of the World Council of Arameans. In 2014 Messo issued this statement when Israel’s Minister of Interior, H.E. Gideon Sa‘ar, signed a document that recognizes “Aramean” as a distinct national identity in Israel’s population registry:  We … Continue reading