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Addended: Actual Conditions For Jews Circa Late 2018 in The Iraqi Kurdistan Paradise: Past As Prologue

Res Ipsa Loquitur (Or so  one would think) Largely autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan is a Sharia-based society, per its own Constitution, (Articles 6 & 7):  This Constitution confirms and respects the Islamic identity of the majority of the people of Iraqi … Continue reading

Syrian Morass: POTUS Trump Supported By Turk and Kurd Knowledgeable Middle East Christian World Council of Arameans

Johny Messo, President of the World Council of Arameans (WCA; indigenous Syriac speaking Middle Eastern Christians), has written thoughtfully and sympathetically about Zionism as a (belated) prototype for “Arameanism,” though he guardedly refrains from “championing” Zionism, outright, today. Mr. Messo, … Continue reading

UPDATE 10/10/19: Don’t Romanticize The Kurds: Longstanding jihadist butchery; PKK Marxist terrorism evolved to fight Ataturk’s ethno-racist Turkey; Created sharia-based Iraqi “Kurdistan”

Johny Messo, is head of the World Council of Arameans. In 2014 Messo issued this statement when Israel’s Minister of Interior, H.E. Gideon Sa‘ar, signed a document that recognizes “Aramean” as a distinct national identity in Israel’s population registry:  We … Continue reading