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Jihad, Najis, & Islamic Jew-Hatred, The 3 Pillars of Iran’s Hegemonic Aspirations: My 1/28 Appearance on The Iran Truth Panel

An overview of ground covered comprehensively in my book Iran’s Final Solution For Israel. I was privileged to participate in a panel discussion on Iran, Wednesday 1/28/15, at the U.S. Capitol Building, with Frank Gaffney, Admiral James Lyons, Fred Fleitz, … Continue reading

Branford Marsalis: “The Ruby and The Pearl”

My Hebdo Cartoon-Based Discussion of Paris Blasphemy Jihad (Not “Violent Extremism”) Murders on Fox’s Hannity [Updated]

The anodyne cartoon I showed on this wide angle view from Fox’s Hannity (which aired 1/10/14) is illustrated below, during my earlier appearance with Steve Malzberg (1/8/14). For additional background, see the discussions here, and here, plus data from the … Continue reading

The Hebdo Jihad Massacre & Sharia Blasphemy Law: My Discussion With Steve Malzberg

   Discussing Islam’s Sharia blasphemy law and its intimate relationship to the jihad massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices, with Steve Malzberg.

Message to Michael* Ledeen on Mousavi, Montazeri, and the Soylent Green Movement

            Mir Hossein Mousavi, Soylent Green Movement “Visionary,” and His “Inspirational” Imam, Khomeini —Mousavi and the Montazeri-Inspired Soylent Green Movement, Epitomize Iran’s Problems, Not Its Solutions (* apologies to Burt Bacharach/Hal David, and the lovely … Continue reading

Sisi Is Just Another Caliphate-Idealizing Apologist For Islam Whose In-Actions Speak Louder Than His Hollow Words

Zabibah Brothers: Nour Party Salafists supported Sisi because he was deemed “faithful to the Sharia” Despite the gushing over Egyptian President Sisi’s New Years Day, 2015 speech (to Al-Azhar University and the Awqaf Ministry), I will remain entirely unimpressed until … Continue reading

Bob Dylan: “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You”, From Nashville Skyline