My Hebdo Cartoon-Based Discussion of Paris Blasphemy Jihad (Not “Violent Extremism”) Murders on Fox’s Hannity [Updated]

The anodyne cartoon I showed on this wide angle view from Fox’s Hannity (which aired 1/10/14) is illustrated below, during my earlier appearance with Steve Malzberg (1/8/14).


For additional background, see the discussions here, and here, plus data from the Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey among 9000 Muslim immigrants in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden: 75% want only one interpretation of the Koran; 65% favor Sharia over Western law.

Also, for discussions of what is not being taught about jihad—which is not a religiously denuded form of “violent extremism”—to our military, in particular, in lieu of the Petraeus/McChrystal post-modern human sacrifice (i.e., of our U.S. troops!) doctrine of COIN, see this essay from 2010: “McChrystal, Tocqueville, and the Koran: The Postmodern ‘COINage’ of a Failed Policy.”

Apologies for the washed out cellphone video. When a sharper version appears (hopefully soon), I will replace the video below.

Update: Better quality video

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