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Bill O’Reilly Debunks the “Christian Terrorist” Canard Regarding Norwegian Mass Murderer Brevik

Brevik, the Norwegian mass murderer of non-Muslims, is an isolated monster with no Christian religious affiliation whatsoever. The jihad, however, is a mass Islamic religious phenomenon of monstrous proportions, with some 17,500 jihadist attacks having been committed worldwide since 9/11, … Continue reading

Australia: Sharia-Sanctioned Polygamy and Child Marriage

Despite an overall apologetic tone borne of transparent obeisance to cultural relativism,  two legal academics, Dr Ann Black and Dr Kerrie Sadiq from The University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law are “suggesting” in their research publication, “Good & … Continue reading

Interview with Frank Gaffney on Whittaker Chambers and Totalitarian Islam

The interview occurs during the initial ~23 minutes in two segments. Open the interview link and click on at “Listen Now”  We discuss the contents of the NRO/blog versions of my recent Chambers essay, with a relevant segue to contemporary … Continue reading

Reading A Death Sentence For Apostasy in Iran

“I refuse to belong to a religion that will not not have me as a member” —brave Muslim “apostate,” Ibn Warraq (with apologies to Groucho Marx) Two Iranian Supreme Court justices have denied an appeal of Youcef Nadarkhani’s December 5, … Continue reading

Wilders on Protecting Holland’s Jews: “Jews shouldn’t emigrate, Antisemitic Moroccans should.”

A profile in courage and moral responsibility. Last week Former European Union Commissioner Frits Bolkenstein, as per his book on Dutch Judaism, which was just released,  claimed that “recognizable” Jews (those who wear kippahs or payot) were unsafe in the … Continue reading

Post-Surge Iraq: 2010 “Worst Year” for Small Christian Minority

David “What have you done to win Iraqi hearts and minds today?” Petraeus’s Legacy of Post-Surge “Success” General David Petraeus continues to receive plaudits for the “successful surge” in Iraq—based upon his credo, “What have you done to win Iraqi … Continue reading

Mere 73% of Palestinians Want Jews Annihilated as Per Islam’s Canonical Hadith

From a Hamas poster glorifying the martyr who drowns the Zionists in blood (used as part of the cover art for Raphael Israeli’s seminal “Islamikaze”) Data have just been released from a survey completed this week which confirm the implacable, … Continue reading

Totten: Eyeless in Zabibah-stan, Egypt

Zabibah-Master meets master of clueless Middle East reportage He’s baaack—this time from a trip to Egypt, where itinerant reporter Michael Totten, in his own inimitably vacuous assessment, was “hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood.” Totten is the classic uninformed roving Middle … Continue reading

Whittaker Chambers, Communism, and Islam (Edited & Updated)

Whittaker Chambers (April 1, 1901-July 9, 1961) Freedom is a need of the soul, and nothing else. It is in striving toward God that the soul strives continually after a condition of freedom. God alone is the inciter and guarantor … Continue reading

“Blasphemy, Blasphemy Mucho”—Islamintern Denounces Islamo-realistic Free Speech in Holland (Updated)

OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu: “Blasphemy, Blasphemy Mucho” (apologies to Andrea Bocelli) Bat Ye’or has appositely characterized Geert Wilder’s recent acquittal as a “Copernican revolution,” achieved by a solitary “unarmed man, constantly threatened by death and whose only defense was … Continue reading