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Major Israeli academic investigative group questions need for Covid-19 vaccination of previously infected 5 to 18 year-olds after completing largest (~459K), lengthiest (up to 18 months) pediatric follow-up study of naturally-acquired immunity to SARS-CoV-2

Largest (up to 459K) & lengthiest (18-months) UNVACCINATED pediatric (ages 5-18 years old) SARS-CoV-2 naturally-acquired immunity cohort studies confirm only 2 hospitalizations*, ZERO** deaths, and persistent 80%+ reduction in reinfection, vs. SARS-CoV-2 naïve controls  (*2 in the previously infected group, … Continue reading

At Legal Insurrection: “I’m An MD Suspended By Twitter For Tweeting A Link To A Scientific Article On COVID-19 Vaccine Lowering Sperm Counts”

Link to full Legal Insurrection blog. My suspension is yet another example of Twitter’s arbitrary, Lysenkoist breaches of informed public discourse on covid-19. The suspension must be reversed, and my account restored fully intact, immediately. Please take notice and intervene … Continue reading

For Immediate Release: Parents United RI reacts to Sexual Assault Bills and Media Victim Shaming (pdf of Press Release)

Parents United RI reacts to Sexual Assault Bills and Media Victim Shaming

Why is RIDOH Concealing Data on Primary Pediatric Covid-19 Hospitalizations?

Starting January, 2022, Rhode Island hospitals were asked to categorize COVID-19 patients into one of the following three main hospitalization groups at time of discharge, and the results were tabulated weekly by the Rhode Department of Health (RIDOH): Primary Cause: … Continue reading

Transcripts of Southwell Vs. McKee Hearings: 9/30/21, 10/1/21, 10/5/21, 10/6/21, 10/13/21, 10/14/21, 10/19/21, and 11/3/21

Transcript 9-30-21 pm TRanscript 10-1-21 pm Transcript 10-5-21 Transcript 10-6-21 hearing Transcript 10-13-21 Transcript 10-14-21 Hearing Transcript 10-19-21 Hearing Transcript 11-3-21 (Part 2 of 10/19/21)

May 19, and May 20, 2022 RIDOH Memos on Mandatory Masking

RIDOH memo 5-19-22 RIDOH memo_5.20.22

Hard Data From Sweden: Open primary schools throughout covid-19 pandemic resulted in preserved reading comprehension scores, with no “covid-19 morbidity/mortality penalty” in school children, or teachers

During the initial spring 2020 covid-19 wave in Sweden, Ludvigsson et al reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that while keeping schools open, there were ZERO covid-19 deaths among 1.95 million children who were between ages 1 and … Continue reading

Study: Anti-democratic “congruence” on “framing” of covid-19 vaccination by Israel Ministry of Health and Israeli television media begot “blaming unvaccinated and targeting all who criticized Israel’s indiscriminate vaccination policy”

Download full paper pdf here: Israeli media mirrors Israeli MOH on Covid Gesser-Edelsburg A, Hijazi R, Cohen R. “It Takes Two to Tango: How the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Israel Was Framed by the Health Ministry vs. the Television News.” Link. … Continue reading

“Long Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Syndrome”, NOT “Long Covid Syndrome”? Controlled Netherlands Study Demonstrates Persistent Symptoms After Moderate to Severe Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Are NOT At All “Unique” To Covid-19

Download full preprint here: Long LRTI NOT Long C19_Long‐term prognosis of adults with moderate‐severe SARS‐CoV‐2 lower respiratory tract infection Tamara Platteel, Johannes Koelmans, Daniela Cianci, Natascha Broers, Eefje deBont, Jochen Cals, Roderick Venekamp, Theo Verheij.“Long-term prognosis of adults with moderate-severe … Continue reading

~83-Fold Relatively Increased Occurrence of Atrial Fibrillation After Covid-19 Vaccination (~5.0/Million Doses), Vs. After Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination (0.06/Million Doses): U.S. Cardiac Electrophysiology Journal Analysis of VAERS Data

Kumar A, Shariff M, Bhat V, DeSimone C, Deshmukh A. “Atrial fibrillation after vaccination for COVID-19: analysis of the vaccine adverse event reporting system.” J Interv Card Electrophysiol. 2022 Jun 8. doi: 10.1007/s10840-022-01263-4. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35674855. Link … Continue reading