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A 2006 Taqiyya Warning About Tunisia’s Leading Candidate for Prime Minister

Hamadi Jebali: Another North African Zabibah-stan Leader-in-Waiting? On the heels of their landslide election victory,  Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot Ennahda Party has just announced that Ennahda’s Secretary General and spokesperson, Hamadi Jebali (who, fittingly, sports a prominent Zabibah on his … Continue reading

Interview Update on Libya/ “Arab Spring” With America’s Morning News

 I was just interviewed earlier this morning about unfolding events in Libya and elsewhere pertaining to the so-called “Arab Spring” in North Africa, and the impact more generally of our  misguided see-no-Sharia policymaking “mindset”. An mp3 file of the interview … Continue reading

Understanding Hamas’s Mainstream Koranic Jew-Hatred

The Bahr essentials of Koranic Jew-hatred The invaluable MEMRI has excerpted and translated some very illuminating remarks from a Friday sermon delivered by Ahmad Bahr, deputy speaker of the Hamas parliament, and broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV, September 23, 2011. Most … Continue reading

Timeless Islamo-Realism from Princeton’s Patricia Crone

  Historian of early Islam, Patricia Crone: “Muhammad’s God elevated [this] tribal militance and rapaciousness  into supreme religious virtues…In short, Muhammad had to conquer, his followers liked to conquer, and his deity told him to conquer: do we need any … Continue reading

Coptic Church Construction and Egyptian Muslim “Emasculation”

Because it was excerpted in Bat Ye’or’s pioneering The Dhimmi, I obtained Moshe Perlmann’s (1975) complete translation of a 1739 essay on the Churches of Cairo. Written by Sheikh Damanhuri (1689-1764), a highly esteemed leader of Al Azhar University, the … Continue reading

Educating Charles Krauthammer on the Copts and Egyptian Islam

Educating Charles Krauthammer, Part 3 (see parts 1 and 2, here and here) Tuesday evening (10/11/11) on Fox News’s Special Report “panel”, the resident journalistic eminence grise, Charles Krauthammer, attributed the murderous Muslim depredations against the Copts this past weekend … Continue reading

Making Afghanistan Safe for Sharia—Child Brides Division

A three-year-old Afghan girl at her engagement to a cousin aged seven. As reported by the London Evening Standard, (hat tip Religion of Peace) to its own self-described “shock,” (despite the commonality of the practice, i.e., notwithstanding the civil law … Continue reading

Italy’s Frattini Should Be Hillary’s Role Model on the “Apostate” Iranian Pastor

Franco Frattini: Upholding Western moral clarity on Pastor Nadarkhani’s “apostasy” conviction The fate of Iranian “apostate” pastor Youcef Nadarkani still hangs in the balance. Contra Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s rather tepid statement  that the “US stands with the international … Continue reading

Bostom Interview: Iranian Pastor’s “Apostasy” Conviction Ignored by Mainstream US Islam

I was interviewed today 10/3/11 on WHJJ’s Helen Glover Show about the “apostasy conviction” of Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkani, and the disgraceful failure of mainstream American Islamic organizations and leaders to condemn this grotesque injustice—a clear violation of freedom of … Continue reading

Will Mainstream American Islam Condemn Pastor Nadarkhani’s “Apostasy” Death Sentence?

Almost 90 years ago, in his 1924 The Law of Apostasy in Islam, Samuel Zwemer made these observations, regarding the post World War I “Arab Spring” of that era: The story is told that Damocles, at the court of Dionysius … Continue reading