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Breitbart Book Review of “Islam’s Final Solution For Israel” by Andrew Harrod

Breitbart Book Review of “Islam’s Final Solution For Israel” by Andrew Harrod Enduring Enmity: Iran, Israel, and Islamic Anti-Semitism Concluding extracts: Gullibility aids deceit where objective study of Islam “has given way to apologetics pure and simple” in Dr. Bostom’s … Continue reading

Commemorating a Jihad Genocide: Ottoman Turkey’s Genocide of the Armenians Began 99 Years Ago, Today

Two essays of mine:  Congress Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide, “as documented in the United States record” (From 2007, & true forever) The Jihad Genocide of the Armenians (from 2005) 1919 Silent Film, “Ravished Armenia” (See image at 23:06 of … Continue reading

Educating Quanta Ahmed About the Importance of The Sunna and The Hadith, and Their Relevance to FGM/C

During a recent appearance (4/18/2014) with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio, Quanta Ahmed maintained she was unfamiliar with a canonical hadith sanctioning female genital mutilation/circumcision (FGM/C), before negating altogether the importance of the hadith as a source of Islamic … Continue reading

Nina Simone Sings the 1923 Jimmy Cox Blues, “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out”

Video of My Discussion of the Film “Honor Diaries” in Los Angeles 4/8/14 for The Children of Holocaust Survivors

  See this blog for background: Cut the Clitoral Relativism: Islam, Sharia, and Female Genital Mutilation/“Circumcision”

My April 8, 2104 Talk on “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel,” Sponsored by the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, in Los Angeles

Nora Jones Covers Elvis Presley’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight”

U.S. Accommodation of Totalitarianism, From the Soviet Union to Iran

Diana West Queries Andrew Bostom About His New Book, Iran’s Final Solution For Israel                     (Cartoon by Michael Ramirez) Journalist Diana West authored the ground-breaking 2013 analysis of Communism, and Soviet … Continue reading

Diana Krall Performs the 1927 Woods/Dixon Composition, “Just Like A Butterfly (That’s Caught in the Rain)”

Ziessen Pesach! Louis Armstrong-“Go Down Moses”