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Seattle Area Mosque Apes Muhammad’s Koranic Jew-Hatred

Mohamed Joban, current full-time imam at Masjid Ar-Ramah in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, WA, received his M.A. in Islamic Studies at Sunni Islam’s Vatican for religious education, Al-Azhar University. He is also president of the Imam Fatwa (religious edict) … Continue reading

Jihad and Jew-Hatred in America: Incessant Muslim Targeting of U.S. Jews, Post 9/11—A Tabulation

Muhammad Alshamrani, the Pensacola Naval Air Station jihadist killer, appears to have been motivated, in part, by Al Qaeda’s, and the global Muslim umma’s, obsession with the jihad against Israel. Just prior to the Friday 12/7/19 attack, Alshamrani’s alleged twitter … Continue reading