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Ashley Kalus’ Boston Globe Story on Her Golden Globes Title From June 7, 2001

Links to two page story: Ashley_Kalus_Full_p_1 Ashley_Kalus_full_p_2  

Brief Thoughts on Ukrainian President Zelensky’s March 16, 2022 Speech to the U.S. Congress

If the U.S. and NATO had taken seriously the Russian Communist and Chinese Communist military buildup, especially the Russian nuclear buildup, I’d say “yes”, absolutely, to a No-Fly-Zone. We did not, so NO, we are too weak and vulnerable to … Continue reading

Discovery Document From Dr. Skoly’s Case Demonstrating 1153 HCWs Working Unvaccinated in Rhode Island

Link to discovery document: 2d TRO Exh Z Cost Benefit analysis for Skoly