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Holy Error—Educating Reuel Gerecht on Islam and the Sharia

Analyst Reuel Gerecht’s confused, uninformed pieties versus Professor J.J. G. Jansen’s scholarly lucidity Analyst Reuel Mark Gerecht, in a recent New Republic essay, condemned those who “demonized” Sharia—Islamic Law—despite conceding that the application of what he refers to deferentially as … Continue reading

Support Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf Against the Austrian Inquisition to Eliminate Islamo-Realism

The Inquisition to stamp out Islamo-Realism has an Austrian front. Please support its main victim right now, Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolf, here: Notwithstanding the thus far unsuccessful effort by an openly biased Dutch judiciary to convict Parliamentarian Geert Wilders on scurrilous … Continue reading

The Dutch Grand Inquisitor Speaks

Geert Corstens, President of the Netherlands Supreme Court, maintains in Orwellian fashion that Dutch Parliamentarian leader Geert Wilders is “undermining” Dutch jurisprudence. [Hat tip Fjordman] As reported here, Critical statements on jurisprudence such as Wilders has made during the proceedings … Continue reading

Switzerland’s Wilders?

Swiss People’s Party leader Oskar Freysinger is best known for orchestrating the successful Swiss minaret ban. Ned May assiduously followed the recent Belgian travails of Mr. Freysinger who was eventually able to deliver a truly remarkable speech in the Flemish … Continue reading

Geert Wilders, Bernard Lewis, Free Speech, and Totalitarian Islam

Lewis Lionized and Wilders Demonized for Expressing Identical Views on the Totalitarian Nature of Islam Our uninformed chattering classes across the political spectrum need to know that their eminence grise on Islamic civilization, Professor Bernard Lewis, and outspoken Dutch Parliamentarian … Continue reading

Sharia-Sanctioned Marital Rape in Britain—And North America

Britain’s Sharia Council Avatars of Islamic Misogyny (Maulana Abu Sayeed being seated second, going from right to left) As reported in the UK Independent (10/14/10), president of the Islamic Sharia Council in Britain, Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed, has reiterated alarming … Continue reading

Contemporary Jihadism and Remembrance of Bulgaria’s Islamic Past—Lessons from Bistra Tsvetkova

Murad I (d. 1389), Ottoman conqueror of Sofia in 1385 A.D. The first of two recent reports by the invaluable Ned May at Gates of Vienna highlights the resurgent jihadism in the former Ottoman Muslim colony of Bulgaria. Given the … Continue reading

“Is it Fair to Say Islam is Setting the Rules?”

(From The Annals of Rhetorical Questions) Incitement to Murder for Religion of Peaceniks Lars Vilks, Lars Hedegaard, and Rabbi Jon Hausman were interviewed yesterday (Monday, 10/5/2010) by Helen Glover of WHJJ 920 AM, Providence, about the sorry state of free … Continue reading

Wilders in Berlin, Invokes Reagan: “Tear Down the Wall of Denial and Ignorance About the Real Nature of Islam”

Geert Wilders Berlin Speech, October 2, 2010 (and he quotes Bernard Lewis, from here): Dear Friends, I am very happy to be here in Berlin today. As you know, the invitation which my friend René Stadtkewitz extended to me, has … Continue reading