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Sixty Percent of US Muslims Reject Freedom of Expression

After violent Muslim reactions to the amateurish “Innocence of Muslims” video, which simply depicted a few of the less salutary aspects of Muhammad’s biography, international and domestic Islamic agendas have openly converged with vehement calls for universal application of Islamic … Continue reading

Ignoble Legacy of Jihad?—Diana West on Ambassador Stevens and the Libyan Jihadists

Diana West has posted the third installment (see also parts 1 and 2) of her uniquely incisive analysis of the late US Libyan Ambassador Stevens’ “interactions” with the jihadists of eastern Libya, their hub being Derna. Elsewhere, I have described … Continue reading

Two Reviews of “Sharia Versus Freedom”

Alyssa Lappen at Pajamas Media and Eileen Toplansky at The American Thinker have provided thoughtful reviews of Sharia Versus Freedom this weekend. Key extracts are provided below, but they are worth reading in full. From Lappen’s review: Andrew Bostom’s latest … Continue reading

“Sharia Versus Freedom” Cameo Appearance on Lou Dobb’s Tonight Libya Discussion (10/25/12)

Last evening’s (10/25/12) Lou Dobb’s Tonight  featured a very frank and illuminating analysis of the morally reprehensible Benghazi fiasco by former Ambassador John Bolton, and my colleague, Andrew C. McCarthy. At the end of the candid discussion, my book, Sharia … Continue reading

Benghazi: From “See No Sharia” to Ansar al-Sharia

Followers of Ansar al-Sharia and other militias protest on September 21, 2012 in Benghazi The Obama administration’s wall of mendacity surrounding the murderous 9/11/12 jihadist attack on our Benghazi, Libya diplomatic compound has collapsed under an avalanche of released State … Continue reading

Interview on Presidential “Foreign Policy Debate” with America’s Morning News

This morning (10/23/12), during an interview with John McCaslin and Dana Mills of America’s Morning News I pointed out that the final Presidential debate, ostensibly devoted to “Foreign policy,” (predictably) did not address jihadism in an intellectually honest manner—comparable, for … Continue reading

Islam, US Foreign Policy, and the Presidential Debate—Public Versus “Elite” Perceptions

Van Dyck—a US diplomat who explained jihad and Sharia, without apologetics Monday 10/22/12, the final Presidential debate of the 2012 campaign, held at Lynn University, in Boca Raton, Florida, will be devoted exclusively to foreign policy. While Osama bin Laden … Continue reading

“Sharia and Freedom”—Andrew McCarthy’s Foreword to “Sharia Versus Freedom”

Andrew McCarthy graciously wrote an elegant Foreword to Sharia Versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism. Today National Review Online kindly reproduced an adaptation of McCarthy’s Foreward, entitled “Sharia and Freedom.” Key extracts are provided, below:   **** … To … Continue reading

Interview–Sharia versus Freedom: The Legacy of Islamic Totalitarianism

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference; OIC), living embodiment of Islam’s Sharia-based Caliphate dreams, and a modern “Islamintern,” reminiscent of the 20th century Soviet Comintern. Posted at Frontpage Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Andrew … Continue reading

Pre-9/11/12 Benghazi Attack Pentagon Report: Al Qaeda Jihadists Significant Threat to Libya

The nonpareil national security investigative reporter Bill Gertz brings to our attention an internal 54 pp. Pentagon report obtained by the Washington Free Beacon., “AL-QAEDA IN LIBYA: A PROFILE—A Report Prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress under … Continue reading