Interview on Presidential “Foreign Policy Debate” with America’s Morning News

This morning (10/23/12), during an interview with John McCaslin and Dana Mills of America’s Morning News I pointed out that the final Presidential debate, ostensibly devoted to “Foreign policy,” (predictably) did not address jihadism in an intellectually honest manner—comparable, for example, to Ronald Reagan’s unapologetic approach to Communist doctrine, and the intimately related threat of Soviet totalitarianism.

However, Mitt Romney successfully elucidated how President Obama has: recklessly reduced US military capability; alienated our most valuable anti-totalitarian allies (notably Israel and Poland); dithered and delayed in combating the aggressive threats of Iran (i.e., an apocalyptic jihadist threat), and China (i.e., with its superpower economic and military threats); and weakened our overall stature with self-loathing apologetics to liberty-crushing Sharia-based nations across Islamdom (as in his June 2009 Cairo speech, or his recent “Innocence of Muslims” video reference-laden UN address).

The interview can be accessed by clicking below:


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