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Palestinian Christian Christy Anastas’ Sobering Message to Her Fellow Palestinians—and the World—About the Gaza Violence

                    “A message to the Palestinian People in this time of renewed conflict,” by Palestinian Christian, Christy Anastas (see her earlier video presentation on Palestinian Sharia, here; transcript here), Co-Founder of … Continue reading

25.5 Years Ago David Littman Implored the UNHRC to Condemn the Genocidal Hamas’ Covenant

A Hamas poster glorifying the martyr who drowns the Zionists in blood (central motif of the cover art for Raphael Israeli’s seminal “Islamikaze”) From my essay ,“Understanding Hamas’ Mainstream, Genocidal Islamic Jew-Hatred,” published yesterday (7/24/14) at PJ Media: Addressing the … Continue reading

Intermission: Gone Studyin’

As I prepare for my 10-year re-certification boards in Internal Medicine, posting for the remainder of the summer, through the end of October, will be very sporadic, and limited. Here’s how I am spending my “summer vacation”:

Islamintern OIC, Which Seeks Jihad Destruction of Israel, Issues Orwellian Statement on Hamas-Instigated Gaza Fighting

I won’t dignify the repellant, egregiously counterfactual “Final Communique” of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation—Sharia supremacist avatar of the Islamintern, and largest voting block in the U.N.—which purports to examine the ongoing Hamas-instigated conflagration in Gaza and Israel, by extracting … Continue reading

Caliphate Dreams: Eternal Muslim Ideal—and Non-Muslim Nightmare

PJ Media published my essay Monday, July 7, 2014, on the newly minted “ISIL Caliphate” in its unapologetic doctrinal and historical context, including current hard data on the popularity of the Caliphate “ideal” amongst the Muslim masses. Key extracts: ISIL … Continue reading

My PJM Blog This Past Week on Why U.S. Should Stay Out of Iraq’s Sectarian Morass When President George W. Bush announced the much ballyhooed “surge,” during 2007, he maintained the overall objectives for this great expenditure of precious U.S. blood and treasure were to establish a “…unified, democratic federal Iraq that can govern itself, … Continue reading