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Egypt: US to Abide Jihad Ransom for Imprisoned Americans?

Are the bitter fruits of Senator John McCain’s “diligent diplomacy” a humiliating prisoner “exchange”—innocent US NGO workers, for hardened jihadists, including the notorious “Blind Sheikh” Umar ‘Abd-al-Rahman, who orchestrated the murderous 1993 World Trade Center bombing? My colleague at Translating … Continue reading

Nonpareil Nonie Darwish, Dhimmi Jews, and Lunatic Green-Red Alliance College Students

Nonie Darwish (b. 1949) was raised a Muslim in Cairo, and educated at the American University there. She subsequently emigrated to the United States, and apostasized from Islam, before helping to create Former Muslims United. Darwish is the author of … Continue reading

Free Download of Potboiling Parable on Jihad: Get Thee and Read!

Retired detective and writer John Work has woven a potboiling, film noire parable of a yarn that may do more to educate Americans about the global jihad than anyone’s dry tome(s)…or simulacra thereof. John’s gripping and fast-paced detective-written, detective story … Continue reading

First They Came for the Firemen

An utterly bone chilling example of self-destructive dhimmitude was described in The London Telegraph 2/26/12 by Investigations Editor Jason Lewis. The incident involved David S. Jones a military veteran of the Household Cavalry, who served in Malaya with the armored … Continue reading

American Kadi* in Pennsylvania’s Court

(Kadi: the judge, who, according to the theory of Muslim law [sharia], has to decide all cases involving cases of civil and criminal law) Responding with self-righteous indignation this past August, 2011 to queries about his judicial appointment of Sohail … Continue reading

Proper Koran Disposal, Apologies, and Murdering Innocent Infidels in Afghanistan

The Naval Chaplaincy School and Center (NCSC), The U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS), and the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Service Institute (AFCSI) were united several years ago  in Fort Jackson, SC to form the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center … Continue reading

Bostom Interview Discussion of Iran’s Jihad Genocide Aspirations

This morning 2/13/12 I was interviewed by Helen Glover on her WHJJ radio talk show.  We discussed the contents of my Friday 2/10/12 National Review Online essay. The discussion emphasizes the odious, genocide-sanctioning combined effects of najis, Shiite impurity doctrine, … Continue reading

Spinoza on Islam

Benedict de Spinoza writing a reply in December, 1675  to Albert Burgh,  a young “champion” of Catholicism, makes this spontaneous, striking comparison to Islam: The order of the Roman Catholic Church which you so greatly praise, I confess, is politic … Continue reading

Whitney Houston (1963-2012), RIP

Whitney Houston singing “Battle Hymn Of The Republic” , “America The Beautiful”, “The Star Spangled Banner”, and the gospel song “Hold On Help Is On The Way”

NRO Essay: Iran’s Final Solution for Israel

—Persian Shiite anti-Semitism is deep-seated and points to genocide. My National Review Online (NRO) essay, published today (2/10/12): Reza Khalili (pseudonym), a former CIA operative in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, has reported the latest restatement of the Iranian Shiite theocracy’s Jew-annihilationist … Continue reading