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Rush Limbaugh Acknowledges The Communist Sympathies of Anti-Trump Putschists Nellie Ohr And John Brennan

During a segment today (8/30/2018) entitled “What We’ve Learned from Bruce Ohr’s Testimony,” Rush Limbaugh  acknowledged (transcript) that at least two key anti-Trump putschists, Nellie Ohr and John Brennan, are (at minimum) Communist sympathizers. “Bruce Ohr, who was ranking in … Continue reading

Elaborating on John Brennan’s Deliberate Misrepresentation of “Freedom” in Islam (in Rosenthal’s Classic 1960 Work)

My recent blog on John Brennan’s predilection for totalitarianism included this brief discussion of what I characterized as his misrepresentation of the diametrically opposed Islamic, and Judeo-Christian/ Western philosophical conceptions of freedom: “Ignoring Islam’s antithetical concept of freedom as hurriya—perfect … Continue reading

Peale-ing to the Core of Donald Trump’s Anti-Totalitarianism

While campaigning at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit in July, 2015, Donald Trump gushed (7:20-8:20) about Norman Vincent Peale (d. 1993), his family’s pastor at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan: Norman Vincent Peale was my pastor—“The Power of Positive … Continue reading

Interview With Frank Gaffney on John Brennan’s 40 Year Trajectory From Champion of Anti-American Totalitarian Ideologies, To Anti-Trump Putschist

Full interview can be heard, and/or downloaded here. Monday 8/20/2018, I was interviewed by Frank Gaffney regarding my two recent blogs. The more recent essay focused on John Brennan’s longstanding affinity for totalitarianism, including support for American Stalinist leader Gus … Continue reading

John Brennan’s Useful Idiocy For Stalinism and Sharia

Five years before the October, 1917 Bolshevik Revolution would begin to impose Communist totalitarianism on Russia, Henry C. Vedder, observed in his 1912 study of Socialism, that the Marxist Social Labor Federation of Britain had adopted Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital” … Continue reading

Staunch Anti-Communist Donald Trump Vs. Communist Sympathizing Anti-Trump Putschists Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Steele, & Comey

Donald Trump’s muscular Anti-Communist pronouncements and observations from his 2000 “The America We Deserve” highlights the seditious role reversal underlying the manufactured “Trump-Russia collusion” faux narrative. A simple juxtaposition of Trump’s written words, versus the writings, utterances and behaviors of … Continue reading