Interview With Frank Gaffney on John Brennan’s 40 Year Trajectory From Champion of Anti-American Totalitarian Ideologies, To Anti-Trump Putschist

Full interview can be heard, and/or downloaded here.

Monday 8/20/2018, I was interviewed by Frank Gaffney regarding my two recent blogs. The more recent essay focused on John Brennan’s longstanding affinity for totalitarianism, including support for American Stalinist leader Gus Hall’s 1976 POTUS candidacy, and the Brezhnev-era Soviet Union, Egyptian Muslim theocratic/pseudo-secular authoritarian rule, and more broadly, Islam’s Sharia-based abnegation of Western freedom.  Brennan’s 1980 University of Texas MS thesis rationalized his apologetic for these totalitarian, liberty-crushing ideologies, and the brutally repressive government behaviors they engender. Adopting the Communist argument of “cultural relativity,” and absence of universal standards, Brennan openly rejected Western religious and philosophical constructions of human rights.

During the  interview,  we also touched upon my previous blog, which sharply contrasted POTUS Trump’s longstanding commitment to freedom, capitalism, and Anti-Communism, versus the collectivist, to Communist leanings, of a sub-sample of key anti-Trump putschists including Brennan, but also Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, and James Comey.

The interview was divided into 4-parts:

(PART ONE): Implications of the background and conduct of John Brennan

(PART TWO): Rising danger of the Red-Green Axis; How Brennan justifies totalitarian ideologies

(PART THREE): Should Brennan be entrusted with access to classified intelligence?; Political warfare technique of deflection

(PART FOUR): Significance of background checks/security clearances


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