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Was Covid Vaccine Lysenkoism Defeated in Tennessee?

—Overdue legal validation of evidence-based decision making about covid vaccination in healthy children Trofim Lysenko believed that acquired traits were inherited, claimed that heredity can be changed by “educating” plants, and denied the existence of genes. Lysenko was supported and … Continue reading

The Answer to Hiskett’s Question, Tragically, is “No!”—30-years ago British scholar of Islam Hiskett asked whether UK political elites had “the moral guts” to defend Western pluralism, v. Sharia, “or will they simply give way, bit by bit & point by point, to insistent & sustained pressure from the Muslim ‘Parliament’”?’

The late respected British scholar of Islam, Dr. Mervyn Hiskett, in his Some to Mecca Turn to Pray, noted then (i.e., in 1993) the prevailing opinion among leaders of the British Muslim community that unless Muslim immigrants to Britain were allowed … Continue reading

Audio & Slide Presentation: Dr. Andrew Bostom Testimony 12/13/23 in a TN covid-19 mRNA vaccination case involving healthy young boys

Link to audio of testimony, here Link to pdf of slide presentation: TN testimony slides  

Early “Red-Green (Marxist-Islamic) Alliance” Jihadism, and Jew-Hatred, from Karl Marx, to the 1929 Hebron Jihadist Pogrom

The concordance between totalitarian Marxist and jihadist Jew-hatred, and their shared aspirations for global hegemony, dates back to the origins of Marxism/Communism. Marxism’s founding Dr. Crankley, Karl Marx, was an annihilationist Jew-hater. Marx wished to extinguish Judaism, and its Jewish adepts—mere embodiments of “usury and … Continue reading