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RIDOH’s Non-Responsive “Replies” At Oral Surgeon Dr. Skoly’s Administrative Hearing Documents How RIDOH Stubbornly Refuses To Provide Any Taxpayer-Funded Public Data Supporting “The Science” Behind Its Arbitrary Decision To Close His Practice

Res Ipsa Loquitur Document Downloadable PDF Link To Full Document From Administrative Proceeding: Skoly RIDOH not responsive to questions Screenshots of full document by pages 1-5, pasted below:  

December 2021 Rhode Island Department of Health Data Confirm Prior Covid-19 Infection/Naturally Acquired Immunity, Regardless of Vaccination Status, Confers An ~28-Fold Lower Risk for Covid-19 Mortality, and An ~6-Fold Lower Risk for Covid-19 Hospitalization, Relative to Full Vaccination

Link to pdf version of this blog: Dec 2021 RIDOH analyses of natch vs. vax acquired immunity to C19 Bottom line: There was ~6X lower risk of covid-19 hospitalization and ~28X lower risk of covid-19 death, comparing those with natural … Continue reading