Monthly Archives: July 2010

NO! to Rauf-ie Boy, the Wahhabi, and His Ground Zero Mosque

From Ed Norton to Rauf-ie Boy: Like we say in the sewer, “time and tide wait for no man.” Self-explanatory caption—confirming Rauf’s Sharia supremacism—accompanies image of Rauf, pictured on the left, below: …Despite his deceitfully softened media, and other public … Continue reading

NASA’s New Mission: To Em-Bolden Jihad Where It Has Never Gone Before?

Al-Faruqi and Bolden—Allah’s Space Cadets, Muslim and Infidel, Alike From Power Line’s Paul Mirengoff, I learned the following: Charles Bolden, head of NASA, told Al Jazeera in this video that the “foremost” task he was given by President Obama is … Continue reading

The Death of Maliki’s (Our Iraqi Ally’s) “Religious Guide Until the Last Days of His [Fadlallah’s] Life”

Death of his (taller guy on the right next to Ahmadinejad) “Religious Guide” (turbaned pacific cleric amongst other Religion of Peace, Shiite division, votaries in hoary days of yore) As the AP report, “Lebanon’s top Shi’ite cleric Fadlallah dies at 75” … Continue reading

A Timeless Lesson in Diplomacy Towards Muslim Nations

How to Pray with a Vizier Today I came across this refreshing example of everything absent in our present era diplomats interacting with Muslim diplomats and officials from Islamic governments—erudition, self-confidence, courageous intellectual honesty, and even a sense of humor. … Continue reading