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Mattis’ See-No-Islam Leadership Is Responsible For “Insider Killings” Of US Troops In Afghanistan

U.S. Marine Gen. James Mattis and Kandahar Provincial Governor Gul Agha Shirzai attend a flag raising ceremony in which the American and Afghan flags were raised at Kandahar International Airport, January 1, 2002. ** At PJ Media, I explain how … Continue reading

A 1300-Year-Old Lesson For 9/11 From Leo III: Know Islam To Defeat Jihad

[Extracted from a full essay published yesterday, 9/10/18, at PJ Media, which includes Leo III’s historical background and remarkable insights into Islam, written 1300 years ago, including the creed’s unique misogyny—even by 8th century standards!] Today, Tuesday (9/11/2018) marks the … Continue reading