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Moshe Perlmann, 1940: Koran And Hadith Depict Jews As “The Incarnation Of Evil”

Professor Moshe Perlmann (1905-2001) was a meticulous scholar of Arabic and Islam, with great fluency in not only Arabic and Hebrew, but also Russian (having been born in Odessa), and German, as well as further written proficiency in Persian, Syriac, … Continue reading

The Hoover Institution, Islam, and The Treason of the Intellectuals [video; transcript]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and H.R. McMaster participated in a Hoover Institution panel discussion live-streamed June 4, 2019, whose ostensible purpose was to characterize, “the identities of freedom’s adversaries, their goals and strategies, and what can be done to defeat these … Continue reading

Shiite Islam’s Modern Jew-Hating Koranic Kampf

Affirming his continued lofty stature, and relevance, an Iranian national conference was held on May 3, 2012, in Qom, dedicated to “recognizing the interpretative methods and principles used by Allameh [Allamah] Tabatabaee [Tabatabai] in [his Koranic] exegesis.” The announcement of this conference … Continue reading