Monthly Archives: July 2009

Global Cooling Summer Hiatus

  Blogging will be light for the remainder of this global cooling summer as I attend to some of my FAVORIT, and other professional needs.   Over the summer, I will also be reading renowned Australian Professor Ian Plimer’s “Heaven and Earth: … Continue reading

Don’t Know Much About History–or Reality

A dogmatist, “quite exceptionally impenetrable by facts.”   Michael Totten. is the classic uninformed roving Middle East reporter who consistently (and tediously) displays his profound historical and doctrinal ignorance of Islam as a badge of honor, or more aptly hubris. … Continue reading

Dumb and Dangerous

  Alfred E. Obama-Chavez-Nasrallah Alan Caruba and Andrew McCarthy make it eminently clear why our Manchild President (for whom Islam IS Third Worldism) is both fencepost dumb, and just plain dangerous.   Caruba’s enumeration of Obama’s burgeoning litany of idiotic decisions … Continue reading

Popeye Was No Chicken on Jihadism

Guest Blog By Hillel Stavis Samuel Huntington?  Montgomery Watt?  Charles Emmanuel Dufourcq? Andrew Bostom? Are you looking for the most perspicacious source on historical Islam?  Forget about them.  Turn to Max and Dave Fleischer, the cartoonists from the 1930’s and … Continue reading