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See No Sharia Mindslaughter

(Robert Conquest in 2006) The full essay, below, is posted at Pajamas Media Robert Conquest, the pre-eminent scholar of Soviet Communist totalitarianism, in his elucidation of Western vulnerability to totalitarian ideologies, wrote that democracy itself is, “far less a matter … Continue reading

Beyond Orwell: Islamo-Realism as Hate Speech in Denmark

When it comes to criticism of Islam, and its votaries, Europe’s doctrinaire Left has engendered a ruling political class whose legally sanctioned excesses now go beyond what Orwell wrote about the (mere) vilification of critics of the Soviet system. Regarding … Continue reading

Geert Wilders in Tel Aviv: “I am grateful to Israel. I will always defend Israel. Your country is the cradle of Western civilization.”

In stark contrast to our President Manchild Who Hates the Promised Land, Netherlands PPV Leader Geert Wilders offered the following uncompromised, historically accurate support of the State of Israel, today (December 5, 2010): The world looks at the plight of … Continue reading