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Ergometer Modification for Combined Arm-Leg Use by Lower Extremity Amputees in Cardiovascular Testing and Training (from 1987)

Link to pdf of full paper: My 1987 paper on the AirDyne Modification for the Disabled Link to abstract. Bostom AG, Bates E, Mazzarella N, Block E, Adler J. Ergometer modification for combined arm-leg use by lower extremity amputees in … Continue reading

[VIDEO (& text)] Dr. Andrew Bostom testifying 4/5/22 before the Rhode Island House Committee on Health Services about pediatric covid-19 risk, vs. influenza risk, and the impact of masking

“When you start to deal with mentalities that say it is unethical to do randomized, controlled trials [of masking] in children yet it is ethical to just mask them up almost indefinitely, then we have a serious problem on our … Continue reading