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It Just Ain’t Li’ble (Libel)

  Re: Khald bin Mahfouz, picture aboved—“The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble /To read in his libel tourism lawsuits/Dey ain’t necessarily so!” (Apologies to George Gershwin)   Update: Governor David Patterson did in fact sign Rachel’s Law, as blogged by Jerry … Continue reading

Pope Benedict XVI, Grand Imam Tantawi, and The Jews

    Pope Benedict XVI and Holocaust Survivor Rabbi Arthur Schneier   Today, Wednesday April 23, 2008, National Review Online has published my comparison of Pope Benedict XVI and Grand Imam of Al-Azhar University Sheikh Muhammad Tanatwi, vis a vis … Continue reading

Von Grunebaum: Islam As Inherently Political

Although succeeded at present by a cadre of pseudo-academic pipsqueaks, UCLA’s Near Eastern Center still bears the name of its founder, historian G.E. von Grunebaum.   Just over 50-years ago, von Grunebaum contributed an essay entitled “Problems of Muslim Nationalism,” … Continue reading

Antisemitism in the Hadith and Early Muslim Biographies of Muhammad: Motifs and Manifestations

Robert Spencer has kindly posted the second installment based upon materials from my (imminently!) forthcoming book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, this time describing the Antisemitic contents of the hadith and sira (earliest pious Muslim biographies of Muhammad.   Underneath the … Continue reading

Bruce Stevens: Energy Independence Now Attainable

Bruce Stevens is a former partner of The Boston Consulting Group, where he advised several clients in the energy industry, among others. He holds an MBA from Harvard and an economics degree from Duke. Bruce Stevens writes:   Dr. Bostom … Continue reading

Britain’s Bitter Harvest of Saidism and Saudi-Funded Islamic Hagiography

  Anthony Glees: “Britain’s universities will have to generate two national cultures: one non-Muslim and largely secular, the other Muslim…We will have two identities, two sets of allegiance and two legal and political systems. This must, by the Government’s own … Continue reading

(Another) Update, Re: “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”

This past Tuesday, April 8, the final corrected typeset galleys of “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism” were sent to the printer. The first printed books should ship out to my publisher on May 16, and be available at etc. … Continue reading

Jihad Genocide, Casuistry, Landes, &…Peggy Lee

“Is That (Causistry and Selective “Tonal” Discomfiture) All There Is?” Only at the end of his rambling riposte, does Richard Landes concede my main point (posed in a question to him: “…what would have happened, say in late 1922—the Muslim … Continue reading

Antisemitism in the Qur’an: Motifs and Historical Manifestations

Qur’an 2:61—“And humiliation and wretchedness were stamped upon them and they were visited with wrath from Allah. That was because they disbelieved in Allah’s revelations and slew the prophets wrongfully. That was for their disobedience and transgression.” My colleague and … Continue reading

Richard the Reconciliation-Hearted

Has Medievalist Richard Landes chosen his arguments all that wisely? Richard Landes, invoking understandably, his background as a Medievalist, with a special interest in millenarian movements—attempts a thoughtful “reconciliation” of what he attributes to be the positions of Matthias Kuntzel, … Continue reading