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Islamo-Ignoramus Kerry on the Syria Negotiations: “a hudna is possible over the course of these next hrs”

Islamo-Ignoramus Secretary of State John  Kerry pronounced the following on the Syria negotiations: “a hudna is possible over the course of these next hrs” Pace Kerry’s blathering stupidity, a compelling illustration of how well the U.S. Department of State once … Continue reading

WMD or “Democratization”? Bush II and the Iraq Invasion

Rancor unleashed by Donald Trump’s allegations during Saturday night’s 2/13/16 South Carolina GOP primary debate has completely obfuscated sober re-assessment of the overriding motivation for the Bush II administration’s March, 2003 invasion of Iraq. I maintain that dispassionate analysis reveals … Continue reading

How Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Abandoned Their “Advice and Consent” Responsibility and Abetted The Dangerous Iran Nuke Deal

Audio discussion of my 2/4/16 at WorldNet Daily essay with Audrey Russo 2/9/16 [first 18 minutes) of interview: Published 2/4/16 at WorldNet Daily as: “Cruz, Rubio, Paul: All abandoned ‘advice and consent’” (on dangerous Iran nuke deal) By voting … Continue reading