Monthly Archives: April 2010

Diana West on Spencer and Me

 “Heat and Light” by Diana West (Posted in full from her blog)  This is a back story, not a story, that I tell to bring my own perspective to an unfortunate episode involving Andrew Bostom and Robert Spencer, two major, if … Continue reading

Updated (4/28/10): The Little King

This fine morning, what did I see? A Little King Plagiarist, running behind, desperately…to plagiarize me. From here (mostly), here, here, etc., etc. , etc. Update: The Little King Doth Protest My Original Posting According to Webster, there is no … Continue reading

Obama’s “Saturnine” Legacy for Our Children?

The Obama Manchild President continues apace his relentless attack upon our fundamental institutions—social, economic, military, and political. If not reversed soon, the most profound and lasting impact of this devastating assault will be experienced by our children. Francisco Goya’s “Saturno … Continue reading